Do's and Don'ts for a great summer party playlist!

It's that time of year again, when all I want to do is stay outside. Working inside an office all week gazing out the window at the gorgeous day outside makes me crazy to get out! So when I can be, I'm outside. If I'm working or having fun I always like to have some music playing. Over the weekend I took a bit of time to make a new summer playlist on my iPod which has inspired me to share my do's and don'ts. I think I listened to the summer playlist I made summer before last last summer also, with only adding a few new songs to update it a little. It was time to change it up! My son downloaded all my CD's onto an external hard drive awhile back for me so I had a ton of new stuff to choose from. I'm going to have to take that boy out to dinner! I've been jamming ever since!

These tips are for the folks who always just hit shuffle on their whole collection and may need a little guidance in making a great playlist for themselves or a special occasion or those who may need a little push to go digital. I say go for it! You'll be glad you did. I know I would have found it helpful if I were a newbie. It amazes me that people actually still buy CD's and don't download them to a digital device or own any digital music. I know it to be true because I actually know some of these strange ladies! lol 

Ok, here's the scoop:

DO:  First things first, update your music software (I use iTunes and an iPod nano 5th generation). Then purchase any new music and download any CD's. It's easier to have all your songs at your fingertips when the mood strikes to make your list. You can always add or delete a song but if you can get it almost perfect to begin with, well, that's all the better I say. Also, you might want to figure out how long your event is going to be and plan for a few hours of extra music as you will probably want to turn it on before your guests arrive and/or listen while you clean up. That way you will have plenty of music and that's one less thing you will have to worry about.

DON'T:  Even though you haven't downloaded anything in ages don't take this as a chance to download all your music just because you have the software updated and you are messing with music stuff. That stack of CD's can wait. Just pick out what you need for your particular playlist.

DO:  Check the settings on your iPod. There are different settings to obtain the levels of bass and treble and many presets. You may like one of those better than the default setting you may have it set to. Also be sure and turn ON the Sound Check button. This helps immensely in keeping volume levels even. Although you may still experience a bit of lows and highs it does reduce those a great deal. Set the Sound Check to ON if you don't do anything else. Oh, and don't forget to shuffle those songs.

DON'T:  You might absolutely love that Kid Rock song (hell yeah!) that's a bit spicy but if you will be playing your playlist for people other than birds of a feather it's best to err on the safe side of no f'bombs, drug references or explicit sexual language. Remember children and mothers hear everything!

DO:  Include that Kid Rock song which is beautiful that you also absolutely love but has more of a G rating. Personally I don't go above an occasional PG-13.

DON'T:   Unless you are having a rave steer clear of dance mixes. Most guests will prefer to tap their toes and shake their booties a bit rather than hopping up and down. Although there is one song that I added to my list, Cher's We All Sleep Alone. It's pretty awesome and after all a little hopping never hurt anyone. 

DO: Stick to lively music! Remember summertime is the time for fun and although it might be your party and you can cry if you want, don't let it be over a sad slow song. I like rock and roll and the blues which you can mix and match easily. Don't forget to include classics that everyone knows and can sing along if they want. There's always someone yelling Free Bird! A good place to find those are movie soundtracks or collections if you don't already own them. That way you can use every song on the CD for your playlist with only one purchase. If you want some new stuff a good place to find that is to listen to the radio and write down the song and artist to download later or watch the latest top twenty shows. Sometimes listening to an old CD you haven't heard in awhile will give you a few extra songs you hadn't even thought of. You can't go wrong with a love song.

DON'T:   You might be tempted to add every Beatles song you own but put a hold on yourself. I try to keep the songs at 2 per artist. Ok, we are talking The Beatles so maybe 4. A good way to cheat your desire to add more songs by one artist than you should is to look for cover songs. The Beatles and most classic rockers have many bands playing tribute to them with excellent versions of their songs. Your guests will love hearing a new twist on old favorites! As long as you don't add too many known songs by one band you'll be good to go. No one wants to hear the same band every other song. Even The Beatles!

DO:  Once you have your playlist ready if you have time try to listen to it. If a song doesn't quite fit in you can always go in and delete it. Remember to keep your device charged as you listen. If your device goes dead it will reshuffle when recharged. While you listen you may think of another song you want to download. Write that song down and you can add and delete songs at the same time. When your playlist is finished go ahead and plug it in to charge the night before your party. Hit shuffle songs when you turn it on and that way the music will start at the beginning and won't stop until every song has played.

Now get to jammin' on your new masterpiece and have some summertime fun!

Video:  The Beatles - Words of Love (Official)

The Beatles

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was back to business as usual with me, Jennifer and our moms going to LaComedia Dinner Theatre for brunch. My mom was gallivanting around Florida last year. She said her and I had been going since 1986 which was the year after my dad passed away. After so many years it's hard to keep track. We think Jennifer and Dot started joining us in the early 90's. Of course, there have been other years we have not made it for one reason or another but mostly every year you can count on us being there. Needless to say, it's become a tradition. This year we saw All Shook Up. A comedy which featured the songs of Elvis Presley. We loved it! It was a story of a guitar playing roust-about who rides into town and changes it forever with the power of love and rock and roll. I was ready for the day in my blue boots I've been trying to wear all winter. As it turned out everyone was wearing blue suede shoes in the play by the end so I fit right in and hadn't even thought of it beforehand. Don't you love it when that happens! 

Outfit details:
Flower Dress:  Pink Martini
Boots:  Modcloth (Lady in Rad in blue)

TV - Bates Motel

What can I say about this show other than I love, love, love it! I've always been a fan of the Psycho franchise. There's just something so creepy about it that you can't not love it! However, I was a little late to the party on this show. I don't watch much of the A&E channel I guess. I didn't hear anything about it until I started watching Under the Dome (don't get me started on this one Mr. Stephen King). Mike Vogel who plays Barbie on that show also appeared in the first few episodes of Bates Motel which made news after the fact. All I can say is I must have been under a rock somewhere. So this year when the second season started I decided to dvr it and catch the first season dvd's (slow internet so I cannot stream) from Netflix. When I went looking for the season 2 premiere to record that evening it so happened they were rerunning season 1. I missed the first 2 episodes but I couldn't wait to watch so I hit record and I have been watching since. The second season finale was last Monday. My husband hasn't been watching because he said he would rather wait and watch it from the beginning so what better time to begin than Mother's Day weekend. I can't wait to see the first 2 episodes I missed and watch it all from the beginning. 

Bates Motel is set in current day. Norman is in high school and Norma is trying to be the best mother she can be while fretting over everything from new boyfriends, the new highway and meeting new people in town. Her main concern is Norman, though. It's always Norman! They certainly have a strange and unusual relationship but the motel has the no vacancy sign lit every evening and things couldn't be better except for the highway issue, the marijuana wars, the corrupt police, and of course, the crazy son. She also has an older son on the show. Everyone has their share of problems and they are all a little nuts actually. Bates Motel is well written and extremely entertaining. A new twist each week. Norma is also quite the snappy dresser. I love it! After all, mother is a boy's best friend :o)


Whatever is up this weekend I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Before and after pics of Fadra's haircut

I love my fuzzy puppy and I almost hate to see all her hair go in the springtime. Her hair feels like a big soft cotton ball and I love petting her. She goes to the beauty shop once a month but she only gets a full cut once a year. I think she lost a couple of pounds this go round. The first year we took her to get her sheared she looked really embarrassed like she was caught without her clothes. I was laughing at her and sent a picture to my mom. Needless to say I got into trouble. Mom made it clear I was not to laugh at her :o) I couldn't help myself but nowadays if I laugh I keep it to myself. Now if I can just get to the beauty shop we'll both be ready for summer!

I may also need to go back to the eye doctor. I tried to feed a piece of a ham sandwich to her play blanket yesterday. It was laying behind me on the floor and I thought it was her. Of course I realized what I was doing as soon as I turned around but my husband saw me and got a big laugh out of it. I probably won't live that one down for awhile. He'll be telling my mom and they'll be laughing at me!

Outfit Details:
Grey sweater:  Liz Claiborne
Black skirt: Calvin Klein
Black boots: Modcloth

Black sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
Bright orchid top: Elder Beerman
Jeans: Levi's

puppy dog search on Modcloth

LeBunny Bleu Ballet Flats

A blue dress please

Here lately whenever I wear blue I get a lot of compliments so I have been trying to incorporate the color into my wardrobe a bit more. These dresses are currently tops on my blue dress wishlist. On mother's day I plan to wear my blue boots I got awhile back but what do I wear them with, now there's the question!