Eva Franco

Ok, so I've never been one to worry about what a label on my clothing says but I am all about quality. Some things are pretty much off limits though, like $200 dresses or really expensive shoes. Being on the bottom tier of middle class I just don't have that kind of money. Although I am not above spending the money if it's something I really really want. Most times as long as I know it's something that is well made and going to last me awhile I don't mind as long as it doesn't hurt my pocketbook way too much. I just don't think I would ever want a $200 dress badly enough to spend that kind of money, however, I am not above still badly wanting one. I had been eyeballing a dress by Eva Franco for months on Modcloth which listed for well over $200. I knew I would never buy it but I liked it so I kept it on my wishlist until it was out of stock and no longer available. Every few weeks I do a search for Modcloth dresses on eBay just to see what pops up. A few weeks before Christmas my wishlist dress was there before my eyes, in my size and reasonably priced!! OMG!!! I skipped over the bid price and bought it there and then. It seemed to be my lucky day so I did a search for Eva Franco on eBay and here was this beautiful dress I have on in this post for $30. $30...I couldn't believe my eyes! Two brand new Eva Franco dresses for under $125 and that included shipping. It was my lucky day after all! Too bad I wasn't lucky enough to win the lottery. It could have been Eva Franco dresses for all :o)  

This beautiful handmade necklace was given to me by a client as a thank you gift. Thanks go out to her for this gorgeous piece. Of course she didn't have to but I am so glad she did!

Outfit Details:
Dress:  Eva Franco
Necklace: Handmade thank-you gift
Booties: Bass Porter Booties (Google Shopping) (on eBay)

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