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When spring finally arrives, and yes, it has arrived, I saw the fat white guys' bellies shining in the sun outside my work window the other day and that's a sure sign. Anyway let's get that thought immediately back out of our minds and talk about new lipstick. I mostly always wear red lipstick except in the spring. I yearn for something pink! For the workday I really don't worry about whether or not lipstick lasts that long because I can always reapply but I do want it to last. I always wear Cover Girl Outlast lipstick in Ever-Red-dy whenever I want a lipstick that will stay put and that I will only have to reapply once and that's only a maybe. Like when I am going out for the day, have lunch plans or I am doing something after work but unfortunately that color is really the only color I like in that line. In looking for an everyday lipstick, I tried Maybelline Super Stay which was ok but after awhile I found I didn't favor the smell of it. I also tried L'Oreal Infallible which I liked but found a bit too shiny and messy to suit me even though I did love the colors available. I also tried Revlon Colorstay but wasn't overwhelmed with love for it either. None of those lipsticks were that particularly long lasting on me and for the price tag I decided to keep looking for an everyday lipstick I can put on easily in the morning without painting on. I was even getting to the point of money not being an issue.

I have been reviewing long last lipsticks and I decided I was finally going to splurge and go for MAC Longwear which seems to get the best reviews but at $18 a tube I cannot afford to just try a color so I plan to get a red and then if I like the lipstick, which I so hope I do, I will try another color. I thought I might even venture to the mall and look at colors if I liked It. I am so much  in need of a second lipstick I love I am willing to spend money and go to the mall!

While looking through reviews I kept coming across ladies suggesting Wet and Wild Megalast lipstick which sells at drugstores and large department stores for under $2. It sounded like a no brainer to me to at least try it. At lunchtime I ventured to my local Walgreens and I'll be damned if it wasn't on sale for $1.49. I got 8 tubes for under $13 which included the tax! It took a little bit to find it in the store. It's one of those brands that set out in the aisle (which I always think of teenagers when I see) but I did find it in the makeup area also down by where the nail stuff starts. I highly recommend it. As an everyday lipstick that you don't have to keep reapplying or worry about your hair being strangely attracted to it can't be beat!!

I'll show off my reds I purchased after my MAC tube arrives :o)

Think Pink///Dollhouse Pink///Don't Blink Pink///Purty Persimmon

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