Someone else's misfortune

A few weeks ago, during our last ice storm, I was sitting at my desk when I heard a huge crash. I thought, OMG, the ceiling has fallen on my boss. As I hopped up I heard, what the hell, come from his office so I knew he was ok. He came out saying someone had hit the corner of the building. We walked outside to see what happened and sure enough there sat a truck up over the bush and into the building. Luckily no one was hurt. That is if you don't count having the holy hell scared out of us all!

As it turned out the carpet was ripped up so we ended up getting carpet for the whole downstairs which meant new carpet for my area. Yay! I have worked here for many years but I was in another area for a few years. Since I moved I haven't done much to my spot due to the fact that the way the desk sat it was impossible to get cords down the side and things hooked up where they should be. It is also impossible without professional help to move the desk. Not to mention it's the main spot for telephone/internet equipment which was right under my feet and nothing set up where it should be. It's been a thorn in my side for sometime but there was really nothing I could do about it until now. The way I looked at it was I have a window and a vent next to my feet. I pretty much just worked with what I had and pushed all the cords and boxes up against the wall as far as I could. I feel now it would have been worth my while to hire someone to move the desk for me but as they say, hind sight is 20-20. I wish I had gotten a true beforehand picture but I didn't think about it at the time. I kind of had to get everything out of the desks in a hurry so they could lay the carpet while I was out for a couple days.

Once I got everything hooked back up and placed where it should be I was so tickled I decided it was time to do a bit of decorating and get some other new stuff. The guys who installed the carpet left the desk out from the wall so I could do what I needed to and then they came and put it back where it needed to be. They even got the divider between me and the door flush with the wall so no more windy drafts. I couldn't be happier. I even have the phone on the side I like to answer it on. I bought several items. I got myself a new chair and mat, a new computer stand, a clock and baskets for files. I plan to pick up a couple plants for some greenery but I think I'm all set now :o)

I found an old typewriter down in the basement a long time ago and thought to myself if I ever decorated that I would use it. I finally got my chance so I got it down and cleaned it up the best I could. I sat it on top of my shelf. Another item I like is a pretty cardinal coffee cup I brought from home to use for pens and such. I'm still working on organizing my drawers and baskets but I really like the outcome! I may even end up being more efficient but time will tell on that one! lol

Jumper:  eBay (Jumpers)
Black Cardigan Sweater:  Goodwill
Clock: Hobby Lobby
Baskets:  Hobby Lobby
Chair: Office Depot (Luckily it was on sale but regardless I love the chair)

Video: Sheryl Crow - A Change Would Do You Good (Official)

The Very Best of Sheryl Crow

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