Music Monday - WNKU - Public Radio That Rocks

While in the midst of cleaning and moving things around the office after the fellow crashed into our building I found I could pick up the public radio station that my boss is always raving about. I had never been able to pick it up on the old radio I use but when my boss moved out to my area for a couple of days while his office was being repaired he let me know that recently the radio station obtained a new frequency which is close to us. It used to be a country station that I knew I could pick up but never had any desire to as I am not a huge fan of country music. Well, not mainstream country music anyway and while WNKU plays a little country music they play almost everything else too. I even heard a Frank Zappa song the other day.  While I haven't heard any heavy metal or pop music I've heard such a variety of rock n' roll and blues that I haven't missed it at all. They even play The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Besides I can catch up on my pop favorites on the VH1 top twenty countdown that I record each weekend and if I want to bang my head I can do that at home. It is a public radio station so you don't have to listen to all those commercials either. News at the top of every hour so you can keep up to date with what's happening in the world and great music all day long. Live bands in the studio and one of the things I like is they will play a cover of say a Bruce Springsteen song and then they will play a Bruce Springsteen song. Cool stuff!

If I had to pick a genre, I would just call it a little slice of Americana heaven!

You can listen online here.

Video: Tedeschi Trucks Band - Everybody's Talkin' (Official)

Everybody's Talkin' - Tedeschi Trucks Band

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