Winter cardinals and a lone duck ~ photos

I have always loved birds in an odd sort of way. I find them amazingly beautiful and creepy all at the same time. I am envious and sorry for them all at the same time and I sometimes feel one will pick me out intentionally to taunt me or laugh at me. I also feel they are watching me at times. Once again this probably stems from my love of scary stories. Of course there is most always some wicked bird either as part of the story or one lurking in the shadows. One thing you never want is a big black crow following you around, that's for sure! 

I had chickens when I was a girl and I tried having a small bird in the house when my kids were small but I just find birds of any kind to be too messy to be pets even outside so now I just watch them from afar.  I hope to have a bird feeder up and working before the next winter. They could have used a bit of help this winter. I did what I could with bread crumbs and such but wished I had placed a bird feeder out. Next year for sure my little friends (or enemies since you never know! lol). 

There were these beautiful cardinals skating on the creek the other day and I was quite pleased with the result of my pictures I managed to take. Later on a lone duck came walking up the creekside. It was my lucky day. Now if I could just get that redheaded woodpecker in action on a tree like I have been trying to do for the last couple of years I would be thrilled. I swear while standing on the back porch the other day he flew up and landed on the railing and laughed at me! I told him I was ready to put my camera away and get my gun out!  

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