New Baby Dress Crochet Pattern

I have been looking for a basic baby dress pattern which is quick, repetitive and something I can make while I watch tv. I don't have much time for crocheting and I don't like to use a pattern but if it's easy enough I can eventually memorize it. Reading a pattern takes the fun out of it for me. After all I am trying to watch tv! lol I don't want to miss a single zombie head being loped off or smashed on the Walking Dead just because I was trying to read. I'm sure you can identify. A girl can only sell so many hats and scarfs though and with mom selling her baby clothes herself now it was time I found something for baby that I could make easily. This pattern fit the bill for a girl. Now to find something for a boy. 

I was invited to join the Craftsy affiliate program awhile back and if you like to craft you should check it out. Very cool site! Free patterns and classes in lots of stuff along with whatever you might want to purchase. You can even upload your own pattern. I think I will upload my flower hat pattern when I get time to check out what's involved. 

Anyway, while looking over crochet patterns I came across this one and it looked to be just what I had in mind. I was surprised to find that it was free until I got it. It took a bit to follow it but once I figured out where she was going with it I found it to be quite easy. It was just what I wanted, a basic baby dress pattern which is repetitive. First of all start with 59 chain stitches and then just go with the flow. I also used a K hook. The bottom picture shows the first dress I made which I don't think was quite what it was supposed to be but by the second one I was on a roll. The one in the picture above is downpat :o) I wrote it down for myself and it only took a few lines so if you try it and have problems hang in there. You'll see where she's going after a bit :o) I actually love the dress once done and plan to add these to my store.  I made mine with cotton yarn and I am quite pleased with the result. I look forward to making more of these. I am enjoying getting back into the swing of crafting again! An infant mermaid set is next on my list for a friend. Guess I best turn the tv on something I've already seen. No way that can be memorized. Can't wait to see how that turns out. It's sure to be adorable!

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