Blog anniversary

I just realized when I posted earlier today that it is the third anniversary of my first post and stab at blogging. Thank you to all my readers and friends I have made along the way. And a special thanks to all the other bloggers for all your inspiration. Thanks for dragging me out of my jeans and black clothing and giving me a sense of style again. Without you I wouldn't know what to put on everyday! I wish I had more time to stop by and say hello to you all more often but even if I don't I still check you out when I can and must say you all look fabulous! 

I became interested in blogging after I bought my first dress at Modcloth for my 13th wedding anniversary which lands on Valentine's Day. I stumbled upon all the awesome ladies inspiring others through blogging what they like to wear and I wanted to be a part of it all. Lord knows I needed some help in the inspiration department. It has taken some effort on my part but I've stuck with it and now I feel confident I can dress for any occasion. I've even learned to take better photographs, cooked delicious blogger recipes and shopped a few closets to just mention a few. I love it!

Thanks for welcoming me everyone! 

Come follow me in the Modcloth Style Gallery and find some inspiration of your own :o)

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