A Night Out

We decided to brave the cold and finally venture out of the house and go to dinner the other night. We decided to keep it close to home and visited an old favorite, The Florentine Hotel. It has not been a hotel for many years but everyone still calls it the hotel. I used to work there when it was first remodeled in the 80's. The place was always packed with people coming for miles to eat there.  Bluegrass music always played live on the weekends. The old floor used to bounce up and down with people dancing. Good times for sure! I didn't get a chance to take a picture of my own of the outside so I borrowed one from the internet. I was quite pleased to have found a page that has many pictures of town you might enjoy checking out. You can see them all here. I've sure done a lot of driving, drinking and dancing around this old town but my first love was the skating rink! oh, the memories. 

Brown Blazer: (similar)///Jeans: Calvin Klein///Boots: Ugg

They've turned the old firehouse into a tattoo parlor. Times sure do change. When I was a teenager they had a head shop at the local pizza parlor so I guess my parents thought the same thing back then.  

Sounds like a country song to me :o)

Video: Sturgill Simpson - Railroad of Sin (Official)

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