Wearing my Origami Owl necklace

On Saturday it was actually pretty enough to walk around a bit outside. It was wonderful to feel the warm sun on my face! Fadra had been sick so I didn't want her to get too excited but she couldn't help herself. She still had to chase Fiona. Of course, you know how cats are, she likes to taunt her and then ignore her. It's funny! I kept our venture outdoors short and it was nice while it lasted. Fadra is so much like a baby I swear. Afterwards she wanted me to sit with her and slept about 2 hours. My son laughs at me and asks if I do realize that she is a dog. I realize she is but I don't think she realizes she is! 

While walking around and taking a few photos it occurred to me that I hadn't featured my Origami Owl necklace that I got for Christmas on the blog so since I had it on I thought I would take a picture and share. I really love it and it's such a novel idea. Pretty cool! It is a locket necklace that opens up for small personal charms. You can change them in and out to tell your story. They have lots of different styles of lockets,  necklaces and charms. My daughter-in-law had a party for the holidays and my mom got me the necklace, the I love you sign and the dog paws. My granddaughter got me a blue heart because that is her favorite color and she loves me she said. Then after finding out my best friend had bought one for her mom and her mom-in-law but not for herself I decided to get her one for her gift. I got her one just like mine along with a best friends heart which splits and I gave her half and I kept the other half. She loved it! There are several other charms I need to fill my necklace which I plan to pick up soon. I want a wedding ring and a tube of red lipstick for sure but what I want to know is where is my frog, people? I have a friend who would love to sell you whatever you would like. Check Kim out here and be sure to pick up one of these awesome necklaces for yourself and don't forget your best friend. Everyone I know who has one absolutely loves it!

Outfit Details:
Sweater Top: The Gap (similar)
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: UGG
Necklace: Origami Owl

Video: Beck - Think I'm In Love (Official)

Think I'm In Love - Beck

New Baby Dress Crochet Pattern

I have been looking for a basic baby dress pattern which is quick, repetitive and something I can make while I watch tv. I don't have much time for crocheting and I don't like to use a pattern but if it's easy enough I can eventually memorize it. Reading a pattern takes the fun out of it for me. After all I am trying to watch tv! lol I don't want to miss a single zombie head being loped off or smashed on the Walking Dead just because I was trying to read. I'm sure you can identify. A girl can only sell so many hats and scarfs though and with mom selling her baby clothes herself now it was time I found something for baby that I could make easily. This pattern fit the bill for a girl. Now to find something for a boy. 

I was invited to join the Craftsy affiliate program awhile back and if you like to craft you should check it out. Very cool site! Free patterns and classes in lots of stuff along with whatever you might want to purchase. You can even upload your own pattern. I think I will upload my flower hat pattern when I get time to check out what's involved. 

Anyway, while looking over crochet patterns I came across this one and it looked to be just what I had in mind. I was surprised to find that it was free until I got it. It took a bit to follow it but once I figured out where she was going with it I found it to be quite easy. It was just what I wanted, a basic baby dress pattern which is repetitive. First of all start with 59 chain stitches and then just go with the flow. I also used a K hook. The bottom picture shows the first dress I made which I don't think was quite what it was supposed to be but by the second one I was on a roll. The one in the picture above is downpat :o) I wrote it down for myself and it only took a few lines so if you try it and have problems hang in there. You'll see where she's going after a bit :o) I actually love the dress once done and plan to add these to my store.  I made mine with cotton yarn and I am quite pleased with the result. I look forward to making more of these. I am enjoying getting back into the swing of crafting again! An infant mermaid set is next on my list for a friend. Guess I best turn the tv on something I've already seen. No way that can be memorized. Can't wait to see how that turns out. It's sure to be adorable!

Online Crochet Class

More cool video ~ Move, Eat, Learn

After posting a clever video the other day of a couple demonstrating 100 years of fashion through dance it reminded me of another video set I came across awhile back which is also pretty cool. I thought I might as well share it too :o) Enjoy!

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films.....

= a trip of a lifetime.
move, eat, learn


This year's wedding anniversary

Time of year to celebrate our wedding anniversary once again and what happens two hours before we are to leave for reservations at our favorite restaurant? Well it starts to snow without stopping and there's no way we can drive an hour to eat. Oh, how I missed the Grand Finale Restaurant but what is a girl to do. You can't fight mother nature! Since I have been changing things up I had decided to forego red this year and wear a blue sweater with my blue boots. The snow also took care of that. I could not wear my boots in the weather. We made the best of it and at least made it to town to eat. We went to the Florentine Hotel once more. We hadn't eaten there in awhile and then ended up going two times in two weeks. At least I got my own picture this time. Actually the reason I first went to the Grand Finale years ago was because the bar that used to be in the Florentine was sold to them when it was redecorated years ago. Delicious food and good conversation so all was not lost on the weather.  Love was in the air!



Outfit details:
Sweater: (similar)
Dress: Calvin Klein (little black dresses)
Boots: Anne Klein (black boots)

Video: Sheryl Crow - Jukin' - Audio Only (official) 

Jukin’ - Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Blog anniversary

I just realized when I posted earlier today that it is the third anniversary of my first post and stab at blogging. Thank you to all my readers and friends I have made along the way. And a special thanks to all the other bloggers for all your inspiration. Thanks for dragging me out of my jeans and black clothing and giving me a sense of style again. Without you I wouldn't know what to put on everyday! I wish I had more time to stop by and say hello to you all more often but even if I don't I still check you out when I can and must say you all look fabulous! 

I became interested in blogging after I bought my first dress at Modcloth for my 13th wedding anniversary which lands on Valentine's Day. I stumbled upon all the awesome ladies inspiring others through blogging what they like to wear and I wanted to be a part of it all. Lord knows I needed some help in the inspiration department. It has taken some effort on my part but I've stuck with it and now I feel confident I can dress for any occasion. I've even learned to take better photographs, cooked delicious blogger recipes and shopped a few closets to just mention a few. I love it!

Thanks for welcoming me everyone! 

Come follow me in the Modcloth Style Gallery and find some inspiration of your own :o)

Winter cardinals and a lone duck ~ photos

I have always loved birds in an odd sort of way. I find them amazingly beautiful and creepy all at the same time. I am envious and sorry for them all at the same time and I sometimes feel one will pick me out intentionally to taunt me or laugh at me. I also feel they are watching me at times. Once again this probably stems from my love of scary stories. Of course there is most always some wicked bird either as part of the story or one lurking in the shadows. One thing you never want is a big black crow following you around, that's for sure! 

I had chickens when I was a girl and I tried having a small bird in the house when my kids were small but I just find birds of any kind to be too messy to be pets even outside so now I just watch them from afar.  I hope to have a bird feeder up and working before the next winter. They could have used a bit of help this winter. I did what I could with bread crumbs and such but wished I had placed a bird feeder out. Next year for sure my little friends (or enemies since you never know! lol). 

There were these beautiful cardinals skating on the creek the other day and I was quite pleased with the result of my pictures I managed to take. Later on a lone duck came walking up the creekside. It was my lucky day. Now if I could just get that redheaded woodpecker in action on a tree like I have been trying to do for the last couple of years I would be thrilled. I swear while standing on the back porch the other day he flew up and landed on the railing and laughed at me! I told him I was ready to put my camera away and get my gun out!  

A Night Out

We decided to brave the cold and finally venture out of the house and go to dinner the other night. We decided to keep it close to home and visited an old favorite, The Florentine Hotel. It has not been a hotel for many years but everyone still calls it the hotel. I used to work there when it was first remodeled in the 80's. The place was always packed with people coming for miles to eat there.  Bluegrass music always played live on the weekends. The old floor used to bounce up and down with people dancing. Good times for sure! I didn't get a chance to take a picture of my own of the outside so I borrowed one from the internet. I was quite pleased to have found a page that has many pictures of town you might enjoy checking out. You can see them all here. I've sure done a lot of driving, drinking and dancing around this old town but my first love was the skating rink! oh, the memories. 

Brown Blazer: (similar)///Jeans: Calvin Klein///Boots: Ugg

They've turned the old firehouse into a tattoo parlor. Times sure do change. When I was a teenager they had a head shop at the local pizza parlor so I guess my parents thought the same thing back then.  

Sounds like a country song to me :o)

Video: Sturgill Simpson - Railroad of Sin (Official)