Snow day

Like everyone else I have been living in a deep freeze. Even though it's been cold the snow we have gotten has not been enough at one time to keep me home from work. Living in the country I have the added bonus of an occasional snow day that others may not get and I have not been happy with all the bad weather not resulting in a day off for myself. I usually use that day to watch movies or to do some computer work or something that I have been putting off doing. Of course, all while wearing my favorite pajamas. After all a snow day is an extra day off due to the weather and it just feels different than a vacation day or even a day off. You can't get out of the house so why not use the time wisely to get something accomplished (although I'm not against a big bowl of popcorn and movies all day). No snow days for me, yet anyway, so updating my electronics was long overdue. I have a slow internet connection so I am not online at home very often and it's been some weeks since I even fired up my laptop awaiting that beloved snow day, so expecting 4" of snow Friday night I decided I would make my own snow day even though it would land on a Saturday. 

I planned to spend all day Saturday hooking up my new wi-fi hotspot, renewing the virus software on all the computers, installing my new Lightroom photo software, uploading all pictures and deleting everything from all memory cards and updating anything and everything that needed updating on all the electronics I own. We still have our old PC, my hubby has a netbook and I have my Nexus 7 tablet and HP laptop plus two cameras. I had my hands full! After sending my hubby off to go visit someone so I could have the house to myself I got busy. It did take all day but after lighting my TimberWick candle, putting on some music (a little Norah Jones) and pulling out a bottle of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur I didn't mind one bit. I absolutely love this liqueur! I bought it to add to hot chocolate but I found it's way too tasty in shot form to do just one shot. It's like Lay's chips!  I managed to have a wonderful day and I got everything done I set out to. I'm feeling accomplished and ready to get to work :o) Wish me luck on that one! 

When I came into work on Monday I came across this article from A Beautiful Mess about living more productively. I found it ironic that just when I needed it an article comes along to help me be more productive right after I was more productive and in the mode to be productive. Some good tips. I'll take it as a sign. 



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