Music Monday - Sara Bareilles

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On my 50th birthday I had the pleasure of meeting Sara Bareilles at a Maroon 5 concert. She was so sweet! I had purchased her album of the moment and loved her music so I was thrilled that I got to meet her. Since that time I have followed her career and I absolutely love her latest album. She gave me inspiration to move on some matters that I may have let lie awhile. However, I was brave and said what I wanted and everything is working out just fine. It was good advice even though it is just a song, it seems inspiration can come in all forms. As you can see my picture is not very good but you can tell it is us. I had gone to see Kid Rock the same weekend and was down front taking pictures and security took my battery out of my camera so I couldn't take anymore pictures of him. Thus, my pictures had to be taken with a crummy cell phone camera. Needless to say cell phone cameras have come a long way. 

I was so happy for her to hear that her latest album The Blessed Unrest is nominated for a Grammy this year! I recommend following her on Facebook and Instagram. She's pretty awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed that she wins :)

Video: Sara Bareilles - Brave (Official)

Brave - The Blessed Unrest


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