When I was a kid whenever we would visit my grandparents in the summer in Kentucky we would, on occasion, go to Sunday meeting at the Morris Fork Presbyterian Church (this church is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places). It was hard to get to but absolutely beautiful. You had to drive down the hollow (or holler as the locals say) on a small gravel road next to the mountain on one side and the river on the other. I loved going! After church, the ladies would gather in a big room where they would spend the afternoon sewing and talking. There were quilt looms set up and sewing machines with foot pumps. Other ladies would sit and crochet or knit. Some would flit from doing one thing to doing something else later. On several occasions they would take my measurements in the morning and before I left later in the day I would have a brand new dress. The men would gather outside to shoot guns or shoot the bull and the kids would play games outside. Of course, the oldsters were always trying to learn you something :) I can remember loving to play on the steps of the old school. I have this place to thank for learning to crochet, knit, sew and learning to shoot a gun!

When I put on this sweater yesterday I thought of how things are so different now but it also reminded me of how much some people love the art of crafting.  In looking for some pictures of Morris Fork I found the crafters down there have an online store now where you can purchase their goods. You can see what they offer here. Looks like the ladies are still doing their thing!

A few years ago my mom was making so many crochet items I no longer had room to sit anything else. When she made a crochet outfit for my Ken doll I knew something had to be done with her. So we started making crochet items to sell on eBay. My mom now sells baby clothes on her own page. It gives her something to do which she loves! A lady who lives in her building likes to knit and made this beautiful sweater I am wearing. Mom gives her a few bucks for whatever she wants to make and turns around and sells it. Her friend now in turn has something she can do, which she loves, and can make a few bucks for herself.  It is rumored that she uses her extra money to buy herself a few bottles of wine :) A win win for everyone!  

If you know someone older who is retired and loves to knit or crochet I guarantee they would love to make you something just for the pure joy of making something someone will get some use out of. Really you can only make so many afghans and scarfs. You could work together on finding a pattern and yarn and spend time together. If you do not know anyone who crafts in yarn then you could ask your friends if they know someone, visit the local senior center or hobby center. If you want to learn to either crochet or knit this would be a great way to learn also. My grandmother taught me to crochet after my mom kept wanting me to do it a certain way and I just couldn't. I was a kid after all and I just wanted to do it so she showed me how to do it one stitch at a time. I still don't crochet the same way others do and my method is slower but as my grandmother said, as long as you get that yarn over the hook that's all that matters. On second thought, you may want to take professional lessons :)   

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