Deep freeze

I've finally gotten over my holiday blues and ready to move forward onto a great 2014 but the weather is not cooperating at all. Through the holidays we had rainstorms and flooding followed by snow (along with a few really nice days which spoil you) and the last couple of days we have had wind chill factors somewhere between 35 and 45 below zero. Now that's cold! I don't see how people in the northern parts of the world survive this every winter. A girl can't even dress for an outfit post! lol I've been living in jeans with leggings underneath, tons of sweaters and, of course, my UGG boots. My hair is a mess with static cling and my poor car looks like it's been driven through an ocean of salt. I have to carry Fadra in and out of the house to go potty! It's getting ridiculous! I just thought I would share my misery in case you are going through the same thing. 

On another note, some new tv is back on! My personal favorite guilty pleasure is Teen Wolf which came back on Monday night and tonight American Horror Story is back on with an appearance by Stevie Nicks. A new Justified last night and Sleepy Hollow is back on next Monday. I'm also looking forward to seeing the premiere of Intelligence which is waiting on my dvr and The Following will be back on soon. As far as tv I'm all set. If I can just get a break in the weather I have some fab outfits to share :o)

Speaking of Justified reminded me of a funny story about a fellow in Kentucky who on Monday night escaped from a minimum security prison. When the windshield temperatures reached -45 he walked into a hotel and told the clerk to call the police. He was ready to turn himself in. I don't know about you but if I were planning an escape I'd check the weather report first in the dead of winter. Sounded like a scene from Justified! I love that show! It's set not too far from where my family is from. Next time I head down there I think I'll drive down to the town it's filmed in and get some pictures. See if I can locate that bridge where all the bad deals go down. That would be a fun time. I can guarantee it will absolutely be a summer trip! 



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