Snow day

Like everyone else I have been living in a deep freeze. Even though it's been cold the snow we have gotten has not been enough at one time to keep me home from work. Living in the country I have the added bonus of an occasional snow day that others may not get and I have not been happy with all the bad weather not resulting in a day off for myself. I usually use that day to watch movies or to do some computer work or something that I have been putting off doing. Of course, all while wearing my favorite pajamas. After all a snow day is an extra day off due to the weather and it just feels different than a vacation day or even a day off. You can't get out of the house so why not use the time wisely to get something accomplished (although I'm not against a big bowl of popcorn and movies all day). No snow days for me, yet anyway, so updating my electronics was long overdue. I have a slow internet connection so I am not online at home very often and it's been some weeks since I even fired up my laptop awaiting that beloved snow day, so expecting 4" of snow Friday night I decided I would make my own snow day even though it would land on a Saturday. 

I planned to spend all day Saturday hooking up my new wi-fi hotspot, renewing the virus software on all the computers, installing my new Lightroom photo software, uploading all pictures and deleting everything from all memory cards and updating anything and everything that needed updating on all the electronics I own. We still have our old PC, my hubby has a netbook and I have my Nexus 7 tablet and HP laptop plus two cameras. I had my hands full! After sending my hubby off to go visit someone so I could have the house to myself I got busy. It did take all day but after lighting my TimberWick candle, putting on some music (a little Norah Jones) and pulling out a bottle of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur I didn't mind one bit. I absolutely love this liqueur! I bought it to add to hot chocolate but I found it's way too tasty in shot form to do just one shot. It's like Lay's chips!  I managed to have a wonderful day and I got everything done I set out to. I'm feeling accomplished and ready to get to work :o) Wish me luck on that one! 

When I came into work on Monday I came across this article from A Beautiful Mess about living more productively. I found it ironic that just when I needed it an article comes along to help me be more productive right after I was more productive and in the mode to be productive. Some good tips. I'll take it as a sign. 



My eBay listing for the Cabbage Patch Inspired Crochet Hat

I finally got my listing done on eBay for the Cabbage Patch Doll inspired hat. I look forward to making some. They are so cute! You can find my listing here and my previous post about the hat here. I've also been making some scarfs and such to list so even though the store is a little sad right now from being empty for awhile I am slowing starting to list some stuff again so pop over and check my stuff out along and see what I've made lately. I'd love to make something for you and your little one :o)

A paisley find while thrifting

A few months ago I went through all my clothes and tried on everything that I hadn't had on for awhile. I must say it was one of the best things I've done in a long time. Now when I walk into my closet I can pull out anything on a hanger and know that it fits me. Of course, not everything goes with everything so I still have to mix and match but it's so much easier now to get dressed and not wear the same things over and over. I got rid of everything that did not fit me correctly at that moment. Three bags full actually! I gave a few things away, put a few things on eBay and took some stuff to Goodwill. While I was there I decided to look around a bit and left with an armful of clothes. 4 sweaters, 2 long skirts, 3 blazers and a dress, all for $32. After I got home I saw one of the sweaters I bought matched the paisley skirt I got perfectly. I haven't had anything with a paisley print since I was a child. For some reason I always think of kids or old people when I think of paisley but I am giving some new thought to it now that I am an old person myself. This skirt is the only paisley item I currently own but I am thinking I may have to open my mind to new patterns, even paisley! Now whenever I have some time I need to waste here in town I run to Goodwill and see if they have anything new. I always find some hidden treasure. I highly recommend checking out your local store!

What does a girl have to do to get a pair of Dr. Martens?

I don't know if it is all the snow we have been having, with plummeting temperatures weekly, or watching Miley spin around on that wrecking ball but I have been wanting a pair of Dr. Martens boots so much! Of course, unlike Miley I plan to wear clothes with mine :o)

I just love boots! I always have. Trudging along in my boots even when they weren't in style. Imagine my joy at the current trend of boots with everything! Can a girl have too many pairs of boots? I certainly don't think so!

Silver Party Dress: (similar)//Black Shawl (similar)

Dr. Martens                         Lady in Rad Boot               Zip Right Up Boot
$119.99                                  $39.99                                   $54.99    

I have the Lady in Rad boot in blue. Pure love!

Video: Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Official)

Music Monday - Sara Bareilles

Top: (similar)//Necklace: (similar)//Jean Skirt (similar)//Shoes: Converse//Purse: Coach

On my 50th birthday I had the pleasure of meeting Sara Bareilles at a Maroon 5 concert. She was so sweet! I had purchased her album of the moment and loved her music so I was thrilled that I got to meet her. Since that time I have followed her career and I absolutely love her latest album. She gave me inspiration to move on some matters that I may have let lie awhile. However, I was brave and said what I wanted and everything is working out just fine. It was good advice even though it is just a song, it seems inspiration can come in all forms. As you can see my picture is not very good but you can tell it is us. I had gone to see Kid Rock the same weekend and was down front taking pictures and security took my battery out of my camera so I couldn't take anymore pictures of him. Thus, my pictures had to be taken with a crummy cell phone camera. Needless to say cell phone cameras have come a long way. 

I was so happy for her to hear that her latest album The Blessed Unrest is nominated for a Grammy this year! I recommend following her on Facebook and Instagram. She's pretty awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed that she wins :)

Video: Sara Bareilles - Brave (Official)

Brave - The Blessed Unrest


When I was a kid whenever we would visit my grandparents in the summer in Kentucky we would, on occasion, go to Sunday meeting at the Morris Fork Presbyterian Church (this church is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places). It was hard to get to but absolutely beautiful. You had to drive down the hollow (or holler as the locals say) on a small gravel road next to the mountain on one side and the river on the other. I loved going! After church, the ladies would gather in a big room where they would spend the afternoon sewing and talking. There were quilt looms set up and sewing machines with foot pumps. Other ladies would sit and crochet or knit. Some would flit from doing one thing to doing something else later. On several occasions they would take my measurements in the morning and before I left later in the day I would have a brand new dress. The men would gather outside to shoot guns or shoot the bull and the kids would play games outside. Of course, the oldsters were always trying to learn you something :) I can remember loving to play on the steps of the old school. I have this place to thank for learning to crochet, knit, sew and learning to shoot a gun!

When I put on this sweater yesterday I thought of how things are so different now but it also reminded me of how much some people love the art of crafting.  In looking for some pictures of Morris Fork I found the crafters down there have an online store now where you can purchase their goods. You can see what they offer here. Looks like the ladies are still doing their thing!

A few years ago my mom was making so many crochet items I no longer had room to sit anything else. When she made a crochet outfit for my Ken doll I knew something had to be done with her. So we started making crochet items to sell on eBay. My mom now sells baby clothes on her own page. It gives her something to do which she loves! A lady who lives in her building likes to knit and made this beautiful sweater I am wearing. Mom gives her a few bucks for whatever she wants to make and turns around and sells it. Her friend now in turn has something she can do, which she loves, and can make a few bucks for herself.  It is rumored that she uses her extra money to buy herself a few bottles of wine :) A win win for everyone!  

If you know someone older who is retired and loves to knit or crochet I guarantee they would love to make you something just for the pure joy of making something someone will get some use out of. Really you can only make so many afghans and scarfs. You could work together on finding a pattern and yarn and spend time together. If you do not know anyone who crafts in yarn then you could ask your friends if they know someone, visit the local senior center or hobby center. If you want to learn to either crochet or knit this would be a great way to learn also. My grandmother taught me to crochet after my mom kept wanting me to do it a certain way and I just couldn't. I was a kid after all and I just wanted to do it so she showed me how to do it one stitch at a time. I still don't crochet the same way others do and my method is slower but as my grandmother said, as long as you get that yarn over the hook that's all that matters. On second thought, you may want to take professional lessons :)   

Video: Kentucky Headhunters - Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine (Official)

The Best of the Kentucky Headhunters - Still Pickin' - The Kentucky Headhunters

My favorite new song - Colbie Caillat

Ok I know it's not Music Monday but I absolutely love the new song "Hold On" by Colbie Caillat! After 6 weeks of Christmas music I am finally moving on to some new tunes and this one is my personal favorite. You can read an interview with her here about her new upcoming album and grammy nomination. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her. I seem to like her more and more as time goes by.

Brown Wide Rim Hat (similar)//Halter Top (similar)//White Top (similar)//Jeans (similar)

Video: Colbie Caillat - Hold On (Official)

Hold On - Single - Colbie Caillat

Deep freeze

I've finally gotten over my holiday blues and ready to move forward onto a great 2014 but the weather is not cooperating at all. Through the holidays we had rainstorms and flooding followed by snow (along with a few really nice days which spoil you) and the last couple of days we have had wind chill factors somewhere between 35 and 45 below zero. Now that's cold! I don't see how people in the northern parts of the world survive this every winter. A girl can't even dress for an outfit post! lol I've been living in jeans with leggings underneath, tons of sweaters and, of course, my UGG boots. My hair is a mess with static cling and my poor car looks like it's been driven through an ocean of salt. I have to carry Fadra in and out of the house to go potty! It's getting ridiculous! I just thought I would share my misery in case you are going through the same thing. 

On another note, some new tv is back on! My personal favorite guilty pleasure is Teen Wolf which came back on Monday night and tonight American Horror Story is back on with an appearance by Stevie Nicks. A new Justified last night and Sleepy Hollow is back on next Monday. I'm also looking forward to seeing the premiere of Intelligence which is waiting on my dvr and The Following will be back on soon. As far as tv I'm all set. If I can just get a break in the weather I have some fab outfits to share :o)

Speaking of Justified reminded me of a funny story about a fellow in Kentucky who on Monday night escaped from a minimum security prison. When the windshield temperatures reached -45 he walked into a hotel and told the clerk to call the police. He was ready to turn himself in. I don't know about you but if I were planning an escape I'd check the weather report first in the dead of winter. Sounded like a scene from Justified! I love that show! It's set not too far from where my family is from. Next time I head down there I think I'll drive down to the town it's filmed in and get some pictures. See if I can locate that bridge where all the bad deals go down. That would be a fun time. I can guarantee it will absolutely be a summer trip!