Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas this year was a little underwhelming for me. I think I started too early and stretched it all out for too long. I had all my shopping almost done in October and I had been listening to Christmas music on the radio at work since Veteran's Day (I still find myself singing, whoop dee do and dickory dock, don't forget to hang up your Although I did wait to decorate and wrap gifts it still just didn't seem like Christmas even though I had been festive since October. I got the family lots of stuff but we had to replace our tv this year so no personal gifts between my husband and me, just one each. I didn't need anything anyway but there was no special fun in opening gifts between us this year. No one at work wanted to do the yearly Christmas dinner. And to top it off I guess no snow and no kids coming over on the big day didn't help matters. Although we did have a blast at the times we did get together it was the first year I didn't have anything I had to do on Christmas Day since I can even remember when. My husband and I decided to go out to eat since we were both sick of ham and turkey. It was a lot of fun and no steak had ever tasted better! As they say, Christmases and lives change with each passing year and sometimes you just have to adjust. This seemed like one of those changing moments that you don't know whether you are happy or sad about. In any event, I hope you and yours had a marvelous Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful New Year! I'm really looking forward to it myself :o)


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