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I embroidered this 34 years ago while I was pregnant with my first born. It was purchased as a kit to make a purse, however, I never got around to finishing it after the baby was born. A big surprise there! It sat in a drawer for many years until I finally threw away the trimmings and such but I always kept the embroidered cloth. Last year I finally broke down and purchased a new comforter bed set which you can read my story about it here but while I was at it I decided I needed to put up some new stuff on the walls. I decided it was time to finally frame that old piece of cloth I'd been saving for years. I love the outcome! 

I also took a couple of Instagram pictures, printed them, framed and matted one and placed the other on my photo box which sets on my dresser. Voila! Instant art!


While I was at it I finally framed my Leighton Jones The Clown With Red Hair canvas lithograph for my other bedroom. I personally think canvas looks worlds better framed. I've been wanting to try Easy Canvas Prints where you can Turn Your Photos To Canvas. Just have to figure out which picture to try it on. I love this painting even though my son says he gets the feeling he's going to come to life and kill him! I named him Willie and he just looks a bit forlorn to me although I guess I have to admit maybe a little crazy. I think my son thought I was crazy for naming my crazy clown! Hey, we are both redheads after all.

This time of year especially you can't go wrong with the gift of a framed print or photo. I loved the above picture but it was a bit too busy with color for the look I was going for so I changed it to black and white. Use your imagination and you can always come up with a unique look for a beloved photo. You can find frames and mats almost anywhere, even your local drug store. No printer, most stores also offer instant printing from your camera or memory card. In no time you can have the perfect gift, even last minute!

These last two pictures are framed gifts I made. The above pug and fish print was a thank you to my aunt and uncle who paid for my trip to Florida a couple years ago. They have a pug and also live on the bay filled with fish so how could I go wrong! I purchased the print from the internet and once it arrived I took it to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect frame and mat. Their house is filled with lots of bright colors so I knew it would look good wherever they wanted to hang it. They loved it!

The bottom picture is a gift I gave to my best friend and her hubby for one of their wedding gifts this past summer. It's always nice when giving a framed photo gift if it has a nice story behind it. That way along with a beautiful wall hanging your recipient has a nice memory also. Our story about this one is a few years ago I purchased some sunflower seeds but then decided not to plant them because they always look toward the east. As it turns out no matter where I wanted to plant them all I would see would be their backs so I gave the packet of seeds to my friend's now husband when they stopped by that same day. He gladly took them and planted them next to his garden. I took this picture at an end of summer party they had. It was at night with smoke from the fire floating around. They looked so pretty and everyone had such a great time! We all got a big laugh about how big the sunflowers had gotten with huge stalks. After all I had initially told them they probably wouldn't even grow seeings as how I bought them at the grocery store. After they seeded out he cut the flower off one and brought it over to me and I roasted the seeds in the oven. Yum, yum! We had a whole summer of laughing over those stupid sunflowers which made the perfect memory I was looking for. It included fun memories for the bride and groom. I photoshopped it a bit to brighten it up but I think it enhanced the artsy look of it. Perfect! At the day after wedding party I found out he had passed on some of his seeds to a friend who lives in the city and he and his wife ended up with 7 foot sunflowers around their small front area. The laughs continued :o)

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