When less is more

It has been pretty great these past couple weeks to be able to grab anything out of my closet and know that it actually fits. It was really worth the time it took to try everything on. I bought this dress last year but it was pushed to the back and forgotten about for some unknown reason. What a shame because I like it so much! That seems to be the case again lately with my clothes, all pushed to the back. And me right back in my rut of wearing the same old stuff. In the autumn of each year is when I usually go through my clothes to get ready for the winter. I usually just pitch stuff that is no longer wearable, give stuff to charity or friends and keep things which look good to me hanging on hangers and/or I have a hunch that I might wear over the wintertime. So rather than rely on hunches this year I decided to try on everything that I wasn't absolutely sure of how it fit. If it looked good on a hanger and not on me then it went into the pile. My closet is not so full anymore but knowing that I can wear anything and everything that I have at arms length has really been eye opening for me. It might break your heart to let that beautiful dress go into the pile but sometimes you just gotta let go.  

After throwing away a bunch of stuff not worth giving to anyone and keeping back a few things to let my granddaughter go through, I ended up with a few nice items I decided to sell on eBay. I currently have two Modcloth dresses up for bid. The Kendi Everyday dress in large and The Great Estate dress in medium. You can see them here. I have a couple of sweaters and a blazer listed and I hope to add a few more items this week or the next couple of weeks anyway. I am extremely behind in listing crochet items and I have lots of those to list too so bookmark my store and stop back in or contact me any time. I plan to add some felted items and I still need to list the Cabbage Patch Doll hat. So much to do, so little time, as they say. At least whatever I'll be wearing while filling my time will fit like a glove!


As I was trying on items I made myself a list of necessary items I needed to finish out outfits. Those included a few new cardigans in colors that I can wear with several different dresses, a new black skirt, some form fitting underwear tees for layering and some tights. I made a trip to the mall, a trip to Goodwill and did a bit of shopping on eBay. I did also purchase a brown skirt, a couple of dresses and a sweater which weren't on my list. Sometimes a girl just needs some stuff! I'm all set now though. Let it snow! I find it's good to get a little shopping for yourself out of the way now so when the holidays come along you won't need a lot of things for yourself that you might happen to see while shopping. Definitely put trying on all your clothes on your to-do list. You won't be sorry. You can let go of that piece of clothing that looks great hanging but doesn't fit well, I swear it doesn't hurt at all! 

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