Coat Season

After I purchased this coat it was no longer available but it's currently for sale again on Modcloth. It is a beautiful burgundy color. heavyweight and well made by Steve Madden. I love it!

I decided since I wasn't able to get an outfit picture for this week I would share my coat collection and my wishlist. I definitely have enough coats but I'm hankering for a black one I can wear with dresses. I have two black coats but one is what my mom would call a car coat, you know not long enough to sit on but you can't really call it a jacket. And one has so much fabric it is impossible to wear as an everyday coat. From what I can tell white and pastel coats, especially pink seem to be trending. My hubby got me a pink coat last year, who knew I would for once be ahead of a trend. 


This coat reminds of my green coat which I really like and is just the right length. Might be the one!

I also love this one!



  1. I love your coats! Coats are my favorite item of clothing and you have some beauties. They all are great designs and colors. I always feel if I have a good coat on the other clothes don't matter as much!

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Hi Ann, I am finding I love coats more each season. I used to just have one I wore all year but having different coats to mix and match is pretty awesome. Thanks for stopping by!


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