Warm up leftover pizza on your stovetop

I absolutely love pizza! In the 80's I worked at a small delivery-only pizza joint and I learned to eat whatever came on a pizza but deluxe is my favorite. We usually get a larger size than we can eat so we can have leftovers for lunch on another day and the other night was no exception. I'm sure you do the same. I saw a tip on the internet awhile back (who knows where) about warming leftover pizza up on the stovetop to get it crisp again. Since I love crispy I thought I would give it a try the next time I had some pizza to warm up. I don't care for pizza warmed up in the microwave and so I use the oven to warm but even if you do warm it up in the oven to get it crispy the top gets to dark. Most times I just eat it cold. When I saw that tip about warming up on the stovetop I thought I would try it out the first chance I got and last night was my opportunity. I got out my Rachel Ray nonstick skillet and decided to give it a try. I'll never warm pizza in the oven again! So crispy and good, just like it came fresh out of the pizza oven!

Here's what I did:

If you are like me and like a lot of toppings then your pizza is going to be thick so you will need to warm it up slowly to begin with so that the top of the pizza gets warm without burning the bottom so I started by warming up my skillet on medium heat and once it was hot I lowered the heat and just let the pizza cook for about 10 minutes. Putting a lid on the skillet might speed up this process but I didn't try that this go round. When I thought the pizza was warm throughout I turned up the heat to further brown the bottom. This took just a few minutes. In about 15 minutes I had pizza that was just as good and crispy as it was the night before. 


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