My flats had a blowout

I've been wearing the same little pair of black flats for the last two summers. To my dismay I have totally worn them out. After wearing them out on a rainy day a couple of weeks ago I realized that they have gotten holes in them around the toe. Today is my last day to wear them because they are now in full blowout toe mode. I was going to take a picture but I'm a bit embarressed to show how badly they look and acknowledge they are still on my feet! lol They are hitting the garbage can today. 

I wanted a new pair for my birthday and I had decided upon a pair of Bass penny loafers but after reading that they ran narrow I decided I had better try a pair on because I have a wide foot. I had planned to hit the outlet mall with my mom but we didn't make it past dinner at Olive Garden. Instead she got me a pair of boots which I'll be styling soon! I'm still eyeballing these styles but as soon as I can get to the mall the penny loafers are mine :o)




I wanted these....

but I got these. Love 'em!

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