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Needless to say I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan! Having graduated in 1976, Fleetwood Mac music was a big part of my teenage years and I still listen to them quite often. I made a greatest hits of my own a few years ago which I keep in one of the slots on my home cd player all the time. I have seen Fleetwood Mac numerous times and was able to see the band when all the original members reunited in 1997 around the time of my 40th birthday. That was some big fun! I went with some girlfriends. We dressed up and did our best Stevie hairdos and had a ball. I also saw her as a solo artist a few years ago. Sheryl Crow was a backup singer which made it a unique concert. I thought Sheryl would play first and then Stevie but as it turned out Sheryl didn't play a set by herself at all but they did do a couple of her songs. All I can say is that was an awesome show! My bff and I got lost leaving the venue and had to walk around a pond to get to the parking lot which took forever. It made a long night even longer but it also gave us lots of extra laughs and a good story to boot. Earlier some guy ran up and grabbed her beer that was sitting on the counter while she was paying for it. He was like the wind! lol The sweet fellow behind the counter gave her another without charge. I wish I had a picture of the shock on all our faces. It was one of those, well, I don't believe that one, moments. 

I have all of Stevie's solo albums and I love them all so much I could never pick a favorite. You can read all about her here. To my delight my favorite show, American Horror Story, is currently using some of her music.  If you haven't been watching it's all about witches this year. An isolated witch named Misty Day (Lily Rabe) feels Stevie is her only friend. She listens to her music all the time. I think I was there once in my lifetime so I can identify. When I got in the car this morning Stevie's song Trouble in Shangri-La came on my iPod and I played it over and over all the way to work. I could listen to her day in and day out and never get tired of her beautiful voice. It has been said for many years that Stevie dabbles in a little witchcraft herself but she says it's her look that gives her the reputation, not the practice of witchcraft. I've never been convinced :o)

Here are some story links:

Video: Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (Official - 1976) /// Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna & Trouble in Shangri-La (Full Albums - audio only)
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac///Bella Donna - Stevie Nicks
Trouble In Shangri-La - Stevie Nicks

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