Black and White

Last weekend I decided it was time to do the dreaded chore of trying on everything in my closet. Last year we turned an extra room we had into a big closet. It's still mainly just hanging rods on a wall but it works and I love it! There are still things I need to do to complete my idea but for now it works for what it is. You can see it here. I moved all my clothes but I didn't try a thing on and actually I can't remember the last time I did. I did get rid of some stuff but kept things that I was unsure about. I've found that most of those unsure items have just been hanging in there so I decided it was time to try on everything and see why. My goal is to be able to pull anything out of my closet and know it will fit me. It may look good on the hanger but if it doesn't look great on me then there's no reason to keep it. I'm making a bit of headway on this :o) It's been a great idea so far I must say. It is making me think about my clothes rather than just looking at them hanging there.

This dress was one of those unsure items. I had always thought of it as a summer dress but it has a nice lining which makes it not so summery sometimes so I haven't worn it much. Plus it had a grey swag across the front with a bow. I think I thought it was a belt when I bought it. This past weekend I caught a glimpse of Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. She was wearing a white skirt, black sweater and knee high black boots and it hit me, why not cut off that grey swag and make my white dress a cold weather dress and pair it with black. This is what I came up with! This was one item I was pleasantly pleased to be able to save. Love it, now!

Dress: Modcloth (Y Apparel USA) (similar)///Sweater jacket: Apt. 9 (similar)///Boots: Anne Klein (similar)

Video: Paul McCartney - Queenie Eye (Official)


  1. Oh my gosh, you are too cute! I love this dress and how you paired it with tough boots :)

  2. Hi Elana, thanks for the sweet comment. I've thought the same of you! Love your blog!

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