The Harvest Moon

Last evening about 11:00 p.m. Fadra decided it was time to go outside and go potty so off we went. When I walked outside I was surprised by how bright the evening was. I have trees that are probably 100 or more feet tall so it's a rarity that I get to see the moon at all, very often. It so happened last night it was in just the right spot. I got spooked during the last full moon by a growling raccoon (at least I think it was a raccoon because all I could see were glowing yellow eyes) so after checking around for raccoons (or werewolves) to make sure one didn't snatch Fadra up, I ran in the house and grabbed my camera. Awhile back I finally got the zoom lens for my Nikon J1 camera and this was a perfect time to try it out. The moon always looks so small in pictures I wanted to see what my new lens would do. I was pleasantly pleased with the photos!

I wanted to post my photos along with some information about the full moon this morning and in doing some research it came to my attention that the moon last night was actually the first night of the Harvest Moon. No wonder it looked so special! I found a couple of informative articles you can read here and here. If you happened to catch a picture of the harvest moon yourself you can submit it to NBC News here. I submitted mine. You can read all about the full moon here on Wikipedia. I guess autumn has officially kicked off. The harvest moon will last the next few evenings so it's the perfect time to get that camera out and get yourself moonstruck. Just watch out for lunatics and  werewolves!

Video: Neil Young - Harvest Moon

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