My bff got married!

In early August my best friend got married! I was so excited for her! They decided to take the immediate family to Tennessee for a country chapel wedding and have a casual reception the week after the wedding. Her parents stood up with them as maid of honor and best man and all their kids and grandkids were able to attend. We spent a lot of time throughout the summer working out the details. It was probably the biggest reason my blog has been a bit ignored. I was mainly called upon whenever she needed a bit of surfing the web or just for reassurance that everything was going to be ok.  Of course, it was and everything turned out just great, well, other than the reception hall ripping off the wallpaper a couple days beforehand. The hall did manage to make the place presentable so even that worked out. I haven't gotten a chance to look at all the pictures yet but as soon as she shares I will do the same. Lots of fun was had by all. I couldn't be more thrilled for the happy couple and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy! Jennifer, if you are reading this and I know you are, I love you my honeybee, with all my heart ♥

Dress: Modcloth (similar)///Sandals: Candies (similar)///Necklace: Apt 9 from Kohls///Bracelet: Handmade gift

The colors she chose for her special day were coral, yellow and green. Once those choices were made we had to dive in to the most important thing....what were we going to wear. Being a redhead I knew my best choice would be green. I found this lovely sea foam colored dress when I did a Modcloth Wedding Dresses search. I'm glad I snatched it up because it didn't last long and the dresses that were left were featured in the summer sale. I still had no idea of what I was going to wear on my feet until the night before. I went to Kohl's and found these lovely coral colored sandals and necklace to match. It was meant to be!

The bride chose a coral colored dress with nude lining and nude pumps for the wedding. We started searching the web for ideas and it was funny because we have a kind of psychic thing going on sometimes but the moment I was emailing her the link to the perfect dress I'd found she was emailing me describing what she had in mind, which as it turned out was the same thing. We often hear the Twilight Zone theme! However, a bit of drama ensued when it was realized the only place she could get the dress was from England at The House of Fraser. Then she couldn't get her order to go through. Then it was sold out. Then she got a bellyache. Then we started looking again to no avail. Then as it happens I popped in there a week later and as big as you please it said they had one in her size. She ordered right away and it was perfect. Since it was a dress that hugged her figure she decided to wear something a bit more comfortable to the reception so she could dance without ripping it. I don't blame her but I still haven't gotten to see the dress on her. Whenever she gets around to viewing all her pictures and things have settled down I'll have to get her to let me take a couple of pictures of her wearing it.  She knows she'll never hear the end of it if she doesn't. Sooner or later girl, sooner or later! 

Photo Credit: Jennifer's mom

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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