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In February of 2011 it was announced that none other than Lynyrd Skynyrd was going to play a show at my favorite venue. Not until Labor Day weekend though. It was a long time off but, of course, we had to go. The Fraze only holds 4,300 so I knew I had to get tickets when they went on sale. I got tickets right off the bat and they were down front but for some reason I never noticed the "limited view" disclosure at the time I got the tickets. But, who cares, right? We were there! As it grew closer to the show it appeared that my hubby was not going to be able to attend with me and everyone I knew was already going or could not go, so that left my granddaughter. We had attended Miranda Cosgrove (see here) at the same place a few weeks earlier and she had attended the sold out Ringo Star and his Allstars show a couple years beforehand so I didn't have to worry about her being a newbie but I was a bit concerned about her being a child. A child at a Lynyrd Skynyrd show! lol I asked her if she knew who they were and she started singing Sweet Home Alabama so at least my son had enlightened her to the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd and she liked them. I explained to her that it would not be like Miranda's show and that she might be one of a handful of kids at the show. Most concert goers would be of the "good ole boy or girl" type and there was a good chance there might be some wild ones! I knew the party would be on! She was not to leave my side. And although that is most usually always the case I wanted to make sure she knew what she was getting into. She said she did and said she couldn't wait. It was on the Friday night so I picked her up after work and we were off. As it turned out she had a night to remember!


Once we got to our seats it was obvious we weren't going to be able to see the drummer. Ashley is a drummer so that disappointed her and she asked if she could walk down front and see him. I could see her so I told her that would be fine but if anyone told her to go back to her seat she was to turn around and come right back. They are pretty strict there about people staying put especially at the beginning of the show so I didn't want her to be surprised if someone said something to her. No one said a word. After she had stood there through a couple songs I thought I would go down and take a couple pictures and see if she was having fun. The minute I arrived there this fellow told me I had to go back to my seat. I told him I was just checking on her and would head right back to my seat. I then asked if it would be ok if she stayed, though. Well, the guy put his arm around her and moved her right up front. She was leaning on the stage!

It didn't take long for the guys in the band to notice her and after that she was their little darling! They sang to her, played to her and before long she was walking over to show off her guitar pics. The girl had herself an absolute ball! At the end of the show the drummer came over and talked to her and gave her a set of drumsticks. She told him she was a drummer too. He told her to keep up the good work and that he enjoyed seeing her in the audience and how pretty she was :o) I always knew they were a bunch of good guys but this goes to show you that they truly are. They made one little 9 year old girl feel very special! She will never forget it for sure!


I wasn't able to get a picture of the drummer so I borrowed this one from the Fraze Photo Gallery plus others for Ashley's custom frame.

Workin' for MCA 
I Ain't the One 
Skynyrd Nation 
What's Your Name 
Down South Jukin' 
That Smell 
I Got the Same Old Blues
I Know a Little 
Simple Man 
T for Texas
Gimme Three Steps 
Call Me the Breeze
Sweet Home Alabama 
Free Bird 


I had this photo frame custom made for her at Hobby Lobby and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. She keeps it hung next to her drum set. 

Thanks go out to Lynyrd Skynyrd

You can read all about them here.
Gary Rossington – Guitar
Johnny Van Zant – Vocals 
Rickey Medlocke – Guitar
Mark “Sparky” Matejka – Guitar 
Michael Cartellone – Drums
Robert Kearns – Bass
Peter “Keys” Pisarczyk - Keyboards
Dale Krantz Rossington – Backing Vocals
Carol Chase – Backing Vocals

Video: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Last of a Dyin' Breed"

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