Music Monday - Laura Wilde

Last week was vacation time for me. I mainly just wanted to get away from work but I managed to stay off the computer as well. I hadn't had an entire week off since last May. Yikes! Needless to say I was in need. It was the first time I have taken off for some time without going anywhere or having anyone visit. It was nice to say the least! Of course, I didn't want to stay home the entire time so we planned a couple of things close to the house. One thing happened to be going to see Ted Nugent. I knew his show would be a lot of fun but the surprise of the evening happened to be the opening act, Laura Wilde. One word is all I can say....Awesome!!!!

She is a 23 year old rocker from Melbourne Australia. Talk about making a guitar talk, that girl has it going on. She has quite the gift! Plus she is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan. Who could ask for more? I told her my youngest son was also a huge TMNT fan and would love her and she said to bring him to see her and hook her up! She was so cute and sweet! I bought her cd "Sold My Soul" and I love it! She autographed it for me and we had the funnest chat. You can check out her website here to learn more about her. I looked up what kind of guitar she plays because it looked almost as big as she is. I've never heard of Dean Guitars but there's a page about her on their website. I'm sure like every guitar player she has a ton of guitars but that one sure sounded good! lol I hope she comes back to my town soon. I will be there with bells on. Well, maybe not bells but my black boots for sure!

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