Concert Series - Ted Nugent

I hadn't seen Ted Nugent since 1976 when me and a friend sat next to the speakers and literally could not hear for 3 days. When I heard he was coming so close to home I wanted to go. Of course, he rocked the house! My hubby got a bit tiffed when a fellow wanted to take a picture of me so I have mixed feelings about the evening. Loved the show, could have done without the green eyed monster! Although, I must say my little black dress must have done trick! lol 

I purchased this dress through the end of summer sale at Modcloth a few years ago for about $15. Great purchase! My boots are Anne Klein but I couldn't find a link for them so they must be discontinued but any type of black boot will make you feel like a rock star!

You can check out Ted's official website here and the professional pictures from the show here.

Video: Ted Nugent

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