Summer Strawberries on a thick waffle...OMG, YUM!

See what happens when I am left alone to fend for myself for dinner. A few too many calories but oh so good! I hadn't purchased waffles for quite some time but while walking through the grocery the other day I spotted these Ego Thick and Fluffy waffles. I'm not crazy about toaster waffles due to the fact that they are so skinny but these are now a new favorite. Toast them a golden brown, add fresh strawberries along with warm Mrs. Butterworth's syrup and you will be in waffle heaven. And all in about 5 minutes. Just forget about calories and indulge in a bit of sweetness for supper. You won't be sorry!


  1. Hi Darline!

    This looks delicious! so yummy!
    I would like to thank you very much for the big and useful comment you left me about the nikon camera! It's very nice to see how you took pictures! All the technic things don't want anything to me but pictures do! It looks very good and I will definitely keep the nikon in mind. Thank you <3


    1. You are very welcome Jenny. When I saw you were wanting the same camera I had to have awhile back myself, I thought I might be able to help sway you. Definitely get it! I love mine!


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