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I am very excited about my new layout! It actually looks like a real blog now. I am very pleased! I want to say thank you to Lynsey for all her help designing my new blog layout. I found her on Etsy. If you are thinking of doing any kind of revamping I would highly recommend her. I've been thinking for some time about making some changes and after lots of thinking I decided it was time to move forward and clean up my online persona all over the place. First up was to visit all the sites I currently use as social media and decide which ones I wanted to stay on and update and which ones I wanted to give up. Of course, this is all personal preference and time spent online on social sites for me is just for fun but since all the people don't use all the sites all the time I wanted to pick out the ones I personally find appealing. The ones I use, if not on a daily basis, then more than others. I did however decide to monetize my blog. After all who couldn't use a bit of extra cash and if I'm going to do it anyway why not be a bit more professional about it and put a few coins in my pocket. I was thrilled to be accepted for affiliate marketing. I currently have $4.29 tucked away somewhere awaiting more pennies. But one day I may receive that $100 check! lol

When choosing which social media icons I wanted to link to from my blog I decided to pick the sites that I have at least visited in the last 6 months. The top of my list was Myspace. I have been really excited about the new format! I just love Myspace and I'm happy that people are starting to update their profiles and use the site again. I think it's pretty cool for music lovers, which was my main reason for loving it, but it being full of beautiful pictures has only enhanced my love. If you haven't checked it out lately I suggest you should take a look. It's all very huge and you have a personal music player right there on your page! In my opinion there's no place better to hear new music and that's pretty awesome in and of itself!

Here lately there's been a buzz in the blog community regarding Blogger Friend Connect and Google+. Google made some changes awhile back in order to integrate Google+ into the mainstream. They retired the Google Reader which I used for reading my blog list. I was not happy about it. Although Bloglovin was simple and easy to join and they made it very easy to transfer the blogs I follow. Then there was talk about Blogger Friend Connect shutting down. From what I understand through some research is that Blogger Friend Connect is still available but only to those who were using it prior to the integration. I tested this by adding a site and it still worked for me so I kept the connection on my page. The blogs you follow will still show up on your home page along with new blogs you add. I found this good to know. I also have a Google+ icon and I have been adding my blog posts to that page but have done little else with it. When you post on your blog a window will come up and you can post right to Google+ which is pretty cool but there doesn't seem to be much activity on there. For me anyway right now :o) I am hopeful to integrate different items into my feed rather than just blog stuff in the future and hope Google+ picks up a bit of momentum. I also made a Google+ page for crochet stuff you can see here. You can also find me on Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest.

As you can see by my social icons Facebook and Twitter are obviously missing. I was lucky in that mostly all my friends from days gone past, new friends and alot of my family are on Facebook. Although I am not a big Facebook fan for some reason, I do love the fact that I now have a place where most of the people I would need to talk to I can find easily, that if something's going on it's usually there for the world to see, and I love seeing pictures of all the people I love. I decided awhile back to keep it private but not so much I wouldn't accept a new friend so if you'd like to be friends on Facebook you can find me here. I have never signed up for Twitter even though I did upload the app so I have no idea whether or not I would enjoy it. Maybe in the future I will try it out. For now I think I have enough social media to do me.

I hope to be posting a little more often now that I have most of the technical stuff taken care of across the web! Please come and follow or connect to me on your favorite site. I'm sure to be doing something somewhere :o)

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