I juiced up my iPhone and I love it!

Do you ever buy anything and then think, why in the world didn't I get this sooner? Well, that's what has happened with this juice pack I bought for my iPhone. I am always plugging my phone in to charge and I saw some buzz about these juice packs for more battery power. Being tired of always having to watch my phone for power and seeming to always be plugging it in I decided to try one. My cover I purchased for my smart phone when I bought it had broken a bit on the edge and was looking a little worse for wear so I was in the market for a new cover anyway. I went ahead and paid the extra for the juice plus since it wasn't that much and gives you an additional couple of hours. I have barely had to plug my phone in at all lately and I've stopped worrying about whether or not I need to charge before I leave home or the office.  It's a nice heavy case and should fit tightly. I read a bit that there are some knockoffs floating around the web that do not fit well so, as always, be careful what you buy. All I can say is if you're not juiced then you should be!  

Cute packaging too!

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