I got a new ride!

I am so tickled right now! I've been driving around in my new little car I just got. It's actually old but it has low low mileage and looks better than some brand new cars. It's a convertible at that! I have been missing my old one. Best of all it's paid for. As you can see my blog has a whole new look too but more on that to come. I wanted a test post and what better way to earmark the day I got my car. Lucky me today!

If you've looked over much of my blog you'll see that I pretty much listen to rock or pop music. People have been know to hear me say I hate country music but I don't guess I hate all of it, just enough to where I can't listen long enough to the radio to find out which songs I do like. Sometimes I'll hear one I love in a bar somewhere or a restaurant and think, man I should listen to me some country music but then my beer wears off and I'm like, no thanks. 

The cd player in this car is in the trunk and when I checked it out I saw the fellow we got the car from had left some cd's in the player. They were mixes he had made so it was no loss to him and rather than change them out I decided to just listen to them for the time being until I could get one of those cassette dohickeys that let you listen to your iPod. The first song was a country song talking about a honky tonk badonkadonk. I had never heard it and had to laugh but I was thinking if I had to listen to 6 cd's of this I'll be shooting myself soon but the guy redeemed himself by following up with The Beatles Twist and Shout. After that he was all over the place with 70's, 80's and 90's pop music and rock music. Well, this made me laugh even more. Apparently the only country music song this fellow likes is about a gal's rear end! A toast goes out to him! 

Video: Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

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