New Layout and Social Media

I am very excited about my new layout! It actually looks like a real blog now. I am very pleased! I want to say thank you to Lynsey for all her help designing my new blog layout. I found her on Etsy. If you are thinking of doing any kind of revamping I would highly recommend her. I've been thinking for some time about making some changes and after lots of thinking I decided it was time to move forward and clean up my online persona all over the place. First up was to visit all the sites I currently use as social media and decide which ones I wanted to stay on and update and which ones I wanted to give up. Of course, this is all personal preference and time spent online on social sites for me is just for fun but since all the people don't use all the sites all the time I wanted to pick out the ones I personally find appealing. The ones I use, if not on a daily basis, then more than others. I did however decide to monetize my blog. After all who couldn't use a bit of extra cash and if I'm going to do it anyway why not be a bit more professional about it and put a few coins in my pocket. I was thrilled to be accepted for affiliate marketing. I currently have $4.29 tucked away somewhere awaiting more pennies. But one day I may receive that $100 check! lol

When choosing which social media icons I wanted to link to from my blog I decided to pick the sites that I have at least visited in the last 6 months. The top of my list was Myspace. I have been really excited about the new format! I just love Myspace and I'm happy that people are starting to update their profiles and use the site again. I think it's pretty cool for music lovers, which was my main reason for loving it, but it being full of beautiful pictures has only enhanced my love. If you haven't checked it out lately I suggest you should take a look. It's all very huge and you have a personal music player right there on your page! In my opinion there's no place better to hear new music and that's pretty awesome in and of itself!

Here lately there's been a buzz in the blog community regarding Blogger Friend Connect and Google+. Google made some changes awhile back in order to integrate Google+ into the mainstream. They retired the Google Reader which I used for reading my blog list. I was not happy about it. Although Bloglovin was simple and easy to join and they made it very easy to transfer the blogs I follow. Then there was talk about Blogger Friend Connect shutting down. From what I understand through some research is that Blogger Friend Connect is still available but only to those who were using it prior to the integration. I tested this by adding a site and it still worked for me so I kept the connection on my page. The blogs you follow will still show up on your home page along with new blogs you add. I found this good to know. I also have a Google+ icon and I have been adding my blog posts to that page but have done little else with it. When you post on your blog a window will come up and you can post right to Google+ which is pretty cool but there doesn't seem to be much activity on there. For me anyway right now :o) I am hopeful to integrate different items into my feed rather than just blog stuff in the future and hope Google+ picks up a bit of momentum. I also made a Google+ page for crochet stuff you can see here. You can also find me on Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest.

As you can see by my social icons Facebook and Twitter are obviously missing. I was lucky in that mostly all my friends from days gone past, new friends and alot of my family are on Facebook. Although I am not a big Facebook fan for some reason, I do love the fact that I now have a place where most of the people I would need to talk to I can find easily, that if something's going on it's usually there for the world to see, and I love seeing pictures of all the people I love. I decided awhile back to keep it private but not so much I wouldn't accept a new friend so if you'd like to be friends on Facebook you can find me here. I have never signed up for Twitter even though I did upload the app so I have no idea whether or not I would enjoy it. Maybe in the future I will try it out. For now I think I have enough social media to do me.

I hope to be posting a little more often now that I have most of the technical stuff taken care of across the web! Please come and follow or connect to me on your favorite site. I'm sure to be doing something somewhere :o)

I juiced up my iPhone and I love it!

Do you ever buy anything and then think, why in the world didn't I get this sooner? Well, that's what has happened with this juice pack I bought for my iPhone. I am always plugging my phone in to charge and I saw some buzz about these juice packs for more battery power. Being tired of always having to watch my phone for power and seeming to always be plugging it in I decided to try one. My cover I purchased for my smart phone when I bought it had broken a bit on the edge and was looking a little worse for wear so I was in the market for a new cover anyway. I went ahead and paid the extra for the juice plus since it wasn't that much and gives you an additional couple of hours. I have barely had to plug my phone in at all lately and I've stopped worrying about whether or not I need to charge before I leave home or the office.  It's a nice heavy case and should fit tightly. I read a bit that there are some knockoffs floating around the web that do not fit well so, as always, be careful what you buy. All I can say is if you're not juiced then you should be!  

Cute packaging too!

A blue dress on a hot day

The weather lately has been rather cool but the last few days have been sweltering, muggy hot. I finally scheduled my vacation and I am so hoping for pool weather so I can wear my new swimsuit. It looks like summer will be almost over before my toes dip into the pool. I've been trying to get some things done which mostly have been online or indoors or it's been too cold. I've been updating all the sites I like so if you decide to follow or connect to me I will have some updated content. Since sites are so easy to access through my iPhone I am hoping to be able to keep up. Getting things done I have been putting off so it is feeling good to get some things accomplished. Rather than thinking any more  I have made decisions and following through which not only feels good but feels awesome is more like it!

Dress: Modcloth (similar)///Shoes: Blowfish///Eyeglasses: Jessica McClintock 

I bought this dress last year to take to Florida with me but it wasn't quite right for my son's college graduation. I love the color and the material and it's perfect for work, though. I rotate it in my work wardrobe often, summer and winter. The  flats are so comfortable I've almost worn them out.


A few weeks ago Fadra got ahold of my eye glasses and chewed them up. So much so they couldn't be salvaged. It was a good thing I needed a new pair anyway or she would have been in a world of hurt! Yeah right, huh. I can't see to read without them so I had to take off work to get a new pair. I had to wear my pair I had before the broken ones which were not much help in seeing my work. Getting new glasses turned into a have-to-have them now situation. I have vision insurance which I hadn't used yet and as it turned out my eye doctor of many years did not accept it. I made a few calls and found an Eye Mart which did accept it. I was extremely happy with the service. My appointment was same day at 10:00 a.m. and I picked my glasses up after I got off work at 5. Complete with bifocals and Transitions Lenses. I would highly recommend them. They are like a well oiled machine. I was impressed!

My Hydrangeas are pink this year. I'm lacking something in my soil but they are pretty nonetheless and easy to grow.

Summer Strawberries on a thick waffle...OMG, YUM!

See what happens when I am left alone to fend for myself for dinner. A few too many calories but oh so good! I hadn't purchased waffles for quite some time but while walking through the grocery the other day I spotted these Ego Thick and Fluffy waffles. I'm not crazy about toaster waffles due to the fact that they are so skinny but these are now a new favorite. Toast them a golden brown, add fresh strawberries along with warm Mrs. Butterworth's syrup and you will be in waffle heaven. And all in about 5 minutes. Just forget about calories and indulge in a bit of sweetness for supper. You won't be sorry!

The Cabbage Patch Kids inspired crochet hat

I just love Cabbage Patch Kids! Years ago my dad went on a mission to get me one when they were hard to find. With the invent of the internet you can almost find anything these days but back in the day it wasn't so easy. He finally succeeded but there was always a story about what a time he had. He was able to get me two in the long run. The first a little boy named Bobby George (my dad's name was Bobby also) just in case he couldn't get his hands on a girl with red hair. Luckily eventually someone was able to get the girl doll for him to give to me. I was so pleased to get them and he was so happy giving them to me that it is a memory I will always treasure. Whenever I think of Cabbage Patch dolls I always think of him. I get them out once in awhile and clean them up but I hope to display them after I paint my second bedroom which I hope to make whimsical and colorful. Arlene looked like she could use a bit of sprucing up when I got her out for pictures so I'm not sure she can wait long. Looks like she needs a bath now! 

A few weeks ago a friend on Facebook, who I met on MySpace, posted a pic on my page of a crochet hat styled like the Cabbage Patch Kids. It was so precious I had to find the pattern. If you crochet you can get it here on Etsy. It was easy enough to make and so cute! Too bad my dad isn't here to see these hats, he would have one on his head modeling for the pictures. He was a prankster who loved to make fun of himself as well as anyone else around. We sure miss him alot but it will be fun thinking of him while I make some of these fun hats! If you would like one give me a holler anytime. I'd love to make one for you!

Find my hats here on eBay.
Find my hats on Etsy here.

I got a new ride!

I am so tickled right now! I've been driving around in my new little car I just got. It's actually old but it has low low mileage and looks better than some brand new cars. It's a convertible at that! I have been missing my old one. Best of all it's paid for. As you can see my blog has a whole new look too but more on that to come. I wanted a test post and what better way to earmark the day I got my car. Lucky me today!

If you've looked over much of my blog you'll see that I pretty much listen to rock or pop music. People have been know to hear me say I hate country music but I don't guess I hate all of it, just enough to where I can't listen long enough to the radio to find out which songs I do like. Sometimes I'll hear one I love in a bar somewhere or a restaurant and think, man I should listen to me some country music but then my beer wears off and I'm like, no thanks. 

The cd player in this car is in the trunk and when I checked it out I saw the fellow we got the car from had left some cd's in the player. They were mixes he had made so it was no loss to him and rather than change them out I decided to just listen to them for the time being until I could get one of those cassette dohickeys that let you listen to your iPod. The first song was a country song talking about a honky tonk badonkadonk. I had never heard it and had to laugh but I was thinking if I had to listen to 6 cd's of this I'll be shooting myself soon but the guy redeemed himself by following up with The Beatles Twist and Shout. After that he was all over the place with 70's, 80's and 90's pop music and rock music. Well, this made me laugh even more. Apparently the only country music song this fellow likes is about a gal's rear end! A toast goes out to him! 

Video: Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk