The lilies are in bloom

I just love lilies! When we first moved into our house I realized these were all over the place. Of course, lots were in places I didn't need them. My granddaughter and I dug up a bunch and planted a flower row around a wooded area we wanted to keep as a wooded area. It took forever but after some hard work we had a nice little row. They have spread quite a bit and this year they are really popping! All our hard work has paid off. Lilies are easy to grow and there are lots of different kinds and colors. In looking for a link for you to read all about them I came upon the North America Lily Society. Who knew they were so popular that they have a society all their own. Everything you want to know about lilies you can find there or you can join up. I'm sure a membership card would be pretty impressive! lol  

I have been working on some ideas for a new blog layout and after getting my thoughts together I have someone working on it for me. I'm very excited! I hope to have a beautiful new design soon and lots of new posts to come!

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