Stephen King - Under The Dome

I am so excited about the new mini-series coming up based on Stephen King's book "Under the Dome". The book was released in November of 2009 but I didn't get around to reading it until the next fall at the same time as the story is set. I usually read all of Stephen's novels but I can't keep up with him. I read it and loved it so I even dreamed about it. Stephen's stories always pull me in like I am a part of the story somehow. They are so real, yet so unreal at the same time. I guess that's what I love about them! I must say that I don't like everything he writes, though. He even gets too creepy for me sometimes! Anyway, when I saw they were finally making a movie about the story I decided to read the book again. After seeing promos that appeared to be different than the book I wanted to refresh my memory. I loved it as much the second go round as the first! It's about a small town in Maine that has an impregnable dome drop over it and all that you can imagine could happen, does. I'm sure a lot of gory details will be left out but nevertheless I am sure it's gonna be awesome! 

The mini series starts on June 24 on CBS and runs once a week for 13 weeks. Be sure and set your DVR. You can read up on it here at CBS.  If you want to read about the book you can here on Stephen's official site. You can see a video of Stephen reading the first chapter of the book and the video promo for the book here on my former blog. Come Monday we'll all be happy we are outside of the Dome! I can't wait for this one!!!!


  1. I'm with you ... been waiting for it. I'm a little disappointed that network TV is doing it. We'd have hoped for the broader latitude in using King's dialog that HBO or SHO would have had. We're still hoping for a good adaptation, though.
    Setting the DVR this morning so I don't forget.

    1. Hi Jan, like you I am hoping that they can show the story without leaving out a bunch of the good stuff :o) I can already see loads of differences just from the promos but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it's great!! If nothing else we get to see a cow sliced in two right at the beginning. I read they thought they needed something larger than a woodchuck! lol

      Have you seen Hannibal yet? If they can show that on the networks I'd say Under the Dome can fly without a problem. I'm so excited!

      Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to hear from you!


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