My photos of Stephen King's house....

In light of the premiere of the new Stephen King mini series, Under The Dome, tonight I thought I would post my pictures of his house an internet friend took for me. A few years ago I was contacted by a lady through my my eBay store. She wanted me to make a Tinkerbell hat for her daughter. I told her I could get an applique and sew it to a hat of the same colors but that was the best I could do. She thought that idea would work so I put together something for her. It was really cute! After she received it she was so thrilled with it she wrote me to thank me. As it turned out we got to talking and she told me her daughter was going through chemo and that she hadn't taken the hat off. She said she was tickled pink! I decided to make her a few more hats in different colors and send to her as a surprise and a gift. 

At one point in our conversations it came up that she lived in Maine. I told her I was a huge fan of Stephen King's and I would love to visit Maine but figured I'd never make it out alive if I went. That some horrible thing would happen! She said she didn't live too far from him and that he did creep out the town at times. We had some laughs at his expense and became internet friends. A couple of days after she received the extra hats I received the sweetest thank you email from her with these pictures attached. How cool is that? She said she managed to make it out alive!        

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