Concert Series - Walter Trout

Saturday was our yearly celebration of my best friend's birthday. Most years we hit up the Blues Festival at the Fraze Pavilion and this year was no exception. Although, we don't make it every year, it's always a great time when we do. You can see us from last year here. Usually it's just me and her so we can catch up but this year a friend from out of town was visiting her cousin so they joined us. Needless to say rather than catch up time it was party time. Even though the festival is all day we went later on in the day to avoid the heat and because the headliner was who we wanted to see the most. Mr. Walter Trout was amazing! If you love a great blues guitarist I highly recommend giving him a listen. 



Walter said he had cracked ribs so he could not bend over to hug Jennifer but she had a death grip on him anyways! What a nice guy he was!

As you can see...tanks, shorts and sandals were the wear of the day. I had a toenail ripped off by a bathroom door wearing sandals to a concert once so I usually stick to my tennies unless I've just painted my nails but even then I think twice. I also broke my pinky toe on my coffee table after I came home from a show once. Maybe I just need to watch where I'm going! lol After the show we stopped by another hot spot and ran into another dear friend. It was a great day! And in the words of the late great Jake as many blues albums as you can :o)

Happy Birthday out to my beautiful granddaughter today!!

And we wonder why they say here comes trouble when they see us coming!

Video: Walter Trout - Reason I'm Gone

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