Spring flowers

We finally got a bit of warm weather over the weekend so we all got out and went for a walk on Sunday. I wanted to check out the flowers and see if things were at least coming up. I found these beautiful wild daisies on the creek bank. I think I will dig them up and plant them in my flower row which I started a few years ago. It starts at the creek and winds around the small wooded area. It's mostly lilies and daffodils but I planted some daisies and iris last year to add some different colors. The iris are supposed to be double bloomers. My fingers are crossed that they come up this year. I ordered them through Brecks.com.  There are lots of online and catalog shops for bulbs if you can't go shopping. I usually buy annuals at Meijers or Lowe's and whenever I buy those I usually pick up a couple of plants or a few bulbs along with the annuals. Sometimes they live and sometimes they don't. It's not always whether or not you have a green thumb. If I want a guarantee on a large purchase it's probably a good idea to go to a local nursery. Flowers can be expensive so be sure and know what you are buying beforehand. Of course, if you have a friend with flowers that grow from a bulb you can learn how to separate the bulbs and get some for free to start. Here's a good how-to on dividing bulbs from About.com.   I also found a good article on how to start a garden to get you going. Now get out there and grow something pretty ♥ 

Wild Daisy


Grape Hyacinth

Blue Bells

Beautiful Sky

Lonely Daffodil

Flower Row

Hot Dog

Wild Cat


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