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Instagram is one of my favorite photo hobbies. As I've spoken of many times I've been trying to hone my photography skills (on and off my iPhone) and Instagram was a great place to start because it's so easy and gives you the basics. You can take your picture, pick your filter and save to a live feed all from one app. You can follow others and others can follow you. You can post to Facebook and/or other social sites right from the app as you download to your feed. It's mostly artsy fartsy type photos which makes it perfect for beginning photographers. No one thinks you're silly for taking a picture of a rock or a pile of leaves. With the push of a button you can change that plain looking rock into a beautiful work of art! I've kept my feed to a minimum but some folks post all the time. I love looking at all the different photos. It has also given me a feel for using filters for different looks and understanding the whole digital picture app thing. After downloading the KitCam camera app I have been using it to take pictures rather than the Instagram camera. After a few updates to Instagram I realized that I could go into my camera roll and choose any of my pictures so that's when I realized it was time to move on to a camera app that did more things.  Of the camera apps I have downloaded KitCam is by far my favorite. I'm loving it!

Since I feel I have mastered Instagram (even though there's nothing to it) I decided maybe it was time to integrate pictures from my regular camera also. I'm not sure how to upload photos from my computer to my smart phone so I decided if I came upon a great picture that I thought was Instagram worthy I could always email it to myself and save to my phone from my email which is set up on my phone so that's what I did with the above picture. If you are like me you are usually using one camera or the other and to trade cameras just to take the same pictures I was finding to be a bit redundant. I am currently using my Nikon J1 for most of my photos. I'm still in auto mode, slowly but surely I'm learning how to use it. I bought it for it's smaller size but it's still a bit too big to pack around all the time so my Sony Cybershot Camera is still my go-to camera for on-the-run (since I dried it out with rice). I'm taking more pictures with my iPhone too. They say it's not the camera but the photographer so I've been putting that to the test. Although I have 2 point and shoot cameras (Canon Elf and Nikon Coolpix) that I blamed blurry pictures on rather than the operator, I have found the more you know about the device you are using the more likely your pictures are to be gorgeous rather than a blurry ugly mess. Maybe after I figure out this stuff I'll try giving them another shot. Maybe ♥   








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