Easter, April Fool's Day, Opening Day, ducks or zombies?

♥ Dress: Calvin Klein You can also see it here.
♥ Belt: Calvin Klein (Didn't come with this dress)
♥ Shrug: Kohl's
♥ Boots: Vintage

I couldn't really decide what to write about today. There was just so much going on the last few days. First I was off Friday for the holiday, then I cooked a big pork chop dinner Saturday, went to Mom's for dinner Easter Sunday, all the while trying to get in the Walking Dead marathon (spoiler alert ahead) before the season finale last night. Today is April Fool's Day (I really did see ducks and I have the pictures to prove it) and baseball season's opening day. Where do I begin??

I guess I'll start at the beginning. I really had a nice day Friday out running around with my hubby. We had a big steak early for dinner and then hung out with friends awhile. We didn't stay out too late, just long enough to have a bit of fun. I don't like to do physical work over holidays although it's not written in stone but this year I took it for what it was worth and didn't do anything work related. The weather is not cooperating with spring cleaning or yard work anyway. We decided TV and a big dinner was the order of the day for Saturday so that's what we did. Along with zombies, we also had a free weekend of HBO and Cinemax so our DVR was working overtime. We have Dish Satellite and they have free channels quite often. We record a bunch of movies and we are set for awhile.

All week AMC has been running The Walking Dead from the first episode through the finale last night. I've been watching the show since day one and it's one of my favorites. You can read a post from my former blog here with pictures, video and links. I made a deal with Art that if he would watch it with me I would owe him when he wanted to watch something that I wouldn't choose myself. A little give and take never hurts a thing. He likes the show but it was a lot of episodes in a row. Luckily we had already watched season one in black and white so we were able to skip straight to season two so it's not like we were glued to the TV for hours upon end but I have watched it so much this week I have zombies on the brain. I didn't want to wait to watch the finale because I knew I'd be crazy wondering all day today what happened so it was either watch them all or none. I talked him right into it! Before season finales we like to guess what will happen. I usually never get it right but sometimes I get lucky. I couldn't have been more off base this go round. I said that I thought Milton would save Andrea, she is after all my favorite female character, and I'll be damned if he didn't end up turning and biting her and they both ended up dead. I was not happy! Art predicted the Governor would get killed one way or the other but he just killed his own army and drove off. We were both so wrong. He said I would be bitching after I watched it and he was right about that prediction. I love this show!

I've written so much about The Walking Dead I think I have lost momentum on other topics so I'll just say I had a wonderful Easter and I saw some beautiful ducks in the creek today. I've never seen ducks floating there before so I thought it was pretty cool. I haven't had any April Fool's jokes pulled on me but last year I did which you can read about here but the day is not over yet. Also, I'm not really into sports and haven't been to a game for a long time but opening day is always fun. I hope the Cincinnati Reds kick some serious butt this year.  GO REDS!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ♥  


                       Video: John Fogerty - Centerfield (Official)


  1. Lovely in your red. As usual. You just have the best taste and wardrobe.
    Zombies are fine, but did you catch the new Doctor Who on Sunday?
    Glad you had a lovely Easter.

    1. aaww, thanks Jan. You are so sweet! I have heard Dr. Who is really great but I've never watched it. I've been meaning to look it up on Netflix. I'm now looking forward to Teen Wolf, Warehouse 13 and The Killing. I hope all is well with you. Always so nice to hear from you!


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