Snow Pictures

We woke up to this mess yesterday morning. 8" of snow! I am so ready for spring. It rained all day beforehand and warmed up afterwards so it was one of those gooshy snows. Big clumps fall from the trees and Fadra thinks it's something moving around outside. She's quite funny jumping around and barking and she's a bit jumpy. The snow clumps can scare you when they fall from a tree onto your windshield, though, so I know where she's coming from. You think for a second it's something coming through the window. We are both a bit jumpy! lol I am currently fighting a cold so I didn't get out to play too much but it was breathtakingly beautiful so I didn't mind.

The first few pictures were taken with my Nikon J1 camera and they look almost black and white. My small Sony took pictures which looked both black and white and some which had a blue tint while my iPhone took pictures which only had a blue tint. In reality it probably looked somewhere in between. All were taken in auto mode (one of these days I'll figure out those pesky settings). I didn't think they needed editing so I left them as is. The snow is gorgeous but I'm ready to photograph some green grass and colorful flowers ♥


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