My Picture on Feature Page of Modcloth Style Gallery

Around the first of the year Modcloth began the Photo Style Gallery. You post any picture of yourself wearing anything you want and they pick their items so people can shop the look. Or if you have purchased something that you have on you can add that item as pictured. If you are signed in you can ♥ outfits you like. It's actually pretty cool! They have three pages, the latest (everyone's pictures), most loved which spotlights all time, this week, today and a featured page. What a surprise I got when I had a few minutes to get some inspiration yesterday and found myself on the featured page (I'm about half way down if you would like to show some love). If you want to shop or just look at some lovely ladies showing off their outfits I highly recommend it. It's fun and I'm sure you'll see some familiar faces from the blogosphere. Like I needed one more reason to love Modcloth!

I took this picture on my way out from work one evening after taking an outfit photo you can see here.

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