My Converse wishlist is now fulfilled

I remember when I was a kid the local grocery added on additional space to sell department store items. This was long before you could hop in the car and go to the mall and I remember everyone being thrilled you could get a few things and not have to drive so far. Although they didn't have clothing, they certainly had enough goodies to keep a young girl busy. The grocery was right next to the laudrymat and once a week my mom would drag me along to do laundry and grocery shopping. I was thrilled when they added that part of the store as it gave me some junk to look at while mom did her thing. Even though they didn't have clothes I remember them selling Converse shoes. They came in white or black and, of course, mom would buy me a pair every so often. I loved them. They were $4.95 a pair.

As I grew older I never had another pair until about 8 years ago. I wanted a pair to wear to a Kid Rock concert so I bought a black pair from my son who worked at Journeys at the time. He's a shoe connoisseur for sure after working there. I sure have had some good times while wearing those shoes but last summer I noticed they were getting some wear on them. Even after all those good times there are still no holes in them but they have seen their better days. I was also trying to get away from wearing black and denim all the time. A perfect way to bring in some color would be with some cool new kicks. I knew what was on my birthday wishlist. I did a little checking on and decided that orchid was the color I wanted with teal coming in a close second.  I couldn't locate an orchid pair but was pleasantly pleased with my teal pair. I also found a pink pair in the sale bin. You can see my birthday posts from last year here, here, and here.
With spring around the corner my mind drifted once again to those orchid lowtops I still didn't have. I was disappointed to see that they were no longer a color option in the Converse online store. Oh my, what was I going to do?? What I always do, turn to eBay! I usually have the best luck on there and this time was no exception. A brand new pair of orchid Converse low tops for $30 and that included shipping. The lowtops run about $50 online and in stores (with shipping extra online) so I made out like a bandit. I snatched them up at the last minute from someone else so a big sorry out to them but I was not going to let these babies get away. They came yesterday and I had to put them on immediately even though I was still dressed for work. They didn't quite match my outfit but I'm sure I'll be rocking these babies this summer!

(MySpace contact box I made way back when:) 

You can also customize your Chuck's like my son did for our trip to Vegas in 2006. Check out the details here. It doesn't get much cooler than standing in the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe posing in front of Kiss mannequins in our awesome Converse tennies! lol We were ready to rock and roll all night and party every day ♥

Video: Kiss - Rock & Roll All Nite (Official)

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