A year with my iPhone

It's been almost a year since I took the plunge from media phone to smart phone. My granddaughter wanted a phone and the one I had was perfect for a little girl. Plus it gave me the excuse to upgrade to a smartphone. I don't really like to talk on the phone much so I thought I would actually get some use from my plan if I had a phone that I could do more on. The downside was the higher cost but if I used my phone more in whatever context it would be justifiable in my mind. Anything I could do to convince myself was good enough for me! I decided to go with an iPhone since I was somewhat familiar with Apple since I already had an account for my iPod. I easily set up my phone using my Apple ID and was able to purchase apps right away. At that time the 4S was the newest phone and even though the 5 came out soon afterwards I'm perfectly pleased with the model I got. I love it! If you are borderline on taking the plunge for yourself, I say go for it! You won't be sorry. It's definitely worth the extra monthly cost over a regular or media phone. I probably still don't know the half of what all it will do but I know I'm having alot of fun playing with it.  

I would think that it's not necessarily the smart phone you choose, although there are lots of great choices, but rather the apps you get that make your phone your phone. I would suggest doing some research to find which phone appeals to you and then also to research your apps before downloading. There are alot of free apps but most of those have ads on them and I find they take longer to load. I live in the country and longer to load is not something that works especially well for me so I usually look for recommendations and then buy the one that has the best reviews. Some are free regardless so purchase may not always be an option. I also don't want to fill my phone with apps I am not going to ever use. I'd rather spend the couple of bucks, if possible, and have a nice app that runs with no ads. Of course, they are changing all the time and what's the best one day can be pasay the next so rather than trendy I usually choose the popular, time withstood ones. Most of your favorite websites have their own apps nowadays. All you have to do is search the app store and you'll be sure and find what you are looking for. I did a post on camera apps awhile back while I was organizing my phone which you can see here. If you are a social butterfly then you'll go bananas being able to post straight from your phone.


The phone is rather fragile so I suggest you buy a case as soon as you get your phone. I decided on a Kate Spade case from eBay and it's been sturdy and protective. It has stayed on the phone well and hasn't slipped or broken so far. A year later my phone still looks new. The case has a few knicks and dings on it so without the case the phone would not look so new. I also crocheted myself a cover to keep stuff from getting on my phone while bouncing around in my purse. Be sure and take care of your investment. I did purchase the insurance for just in case anyway :o) I love my phone and feel it is one of the best purchases I have ever made! ♥

Second day of spring and we got snow once more. Yikes! I'm so ready for warmer weather!
Pictures taken with my awesome iPhone :o)


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