Wedding anniversary

I must say we had a wonderful time celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary! I took a few days off and it was marvelous :o) We headed to Glendale for dinner at the Grand Finale, stopped by the Cock and Bull and then after stopping by the house to let Fadra out we headed out for one more stop. I don't get out much during the week so it was fun going somewhere you normally go on the weekends and meet up with the weekday crowd. Loads of fun!

♥ Boots: De Blossom
♥ Tights:  JC Penney
♥ Belt: Calvin Klein
♥ Coat: Modcloth Sweet and Spicy Coat

When we reorganized our room to closet and storage space I noticed my wedding dress could use a good cleaning. I had it cleaned after the wedding but it's been hanging in my wardrobe since. I decided why not wear it. Now it probably needs cleaning again but at least it still fit. Last year I wore a red Calvin Klein dress you can see here.


Grand Finale - a beautiful old restaurant we go to almost every year


Stay up on the blog is the Matchbox Twenty concert pictures. The concert was so awesome! Love was still in the air ♥

                     Video: Matchbox Twenty - Our Song (Official)


  1. That's a gorgeous vintage dress, Darlene - you look really lovely, and thanks for linking up!

  2. Darlene... how did I miss you! After 15 years, it still fits?
    Congratulations to you both.
    That dress is so on-trend ... do you have plans to wear it again this spring, or is it too precious? I'm guessing you will be able to wear it again on your 30th!

  3. Awe, congrats on the anniversary. What a lovely time you had.


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