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Over the weekend I finally went through all my old makeup. After the move I think my makeup case got put away and hasn't seen much daylight since, which basically means I haven't been wearing hardly any makeup other than mascara and lipstick for quite some time. A little concealer for an occasional blemish and maybe a smidge of powder and that's it. I even cut my bangs a couple years ago so I wouldn't have to mess with my eyebrows any more! Ok, maybe that's not the only reason. I like having bangs but it didn't hurt that I could let my eyebrows go without fussing every morning. Of course, I do wear more makeup if I go out on the weekends (even eyebrow pencil) or on a special occasion. I just haven't bought anything new in forever. Because I don't wear alot of makeup it seems to sit in waiting for me so alot of old stuff went straight in the trash. I got a handle on what I needed but since I am not that interested in makeup I don't stay up on the latest products so I needed to do a little research before buying. I like to read a few reviews by real people before I buy anything so I usually do a search for whatever it is I'm interested in and then I find some reviews. I've found a great site for beauty and skin products is Ulta. There hasn't been anything I haven't found on there yet and they have tons of reviews. 
At my age I already know what colors look best on me so I decided to stick with my regular colors and not go for a totally different look on the makeup front. Since I'm not getting any younger I have been wanting to try some new products which would be more suited to my aging skin so I finally decided it was time to do just that.  Out with the old and in with the new.  From what I had read anything powder related had to go so out it went. I like a matte finish so I had to find products with no shine that didn't use powder. I was afraid that might be a problem but I think I found just what I wanted. Lucky me this go round!
I only have room for a small makeup bag under my sink in the bathroom and I wanted to be able to keep all my makeup in that bag and ditch the makeup case. I made a list of products I needed whether it be everyday or for a weekend date and went from there. You never know, I may have a few extra minutes some mornings where I might want to add a bit of extra makeup so I wanted everything in one spot. My list contained foundation, blush, lipstick (2 colors), mascara (2 colors), eyelash curler, makeup sponge, eyeshadow and pencil. Here's a list of the products I currently use and the new ones I am trying:
I love this makeup! It's starts off white and then matches your skin tone. It covers great and it's non-greasy. It comes in a tube which means I can put it in my bag and not have to sit it on a shelf. It doesn't crease or shine and lasts all day. It is supposed to help my skin and has sunscreen. Bonus!
In looking for a light colored cream blush I came across this product. I really like it. It is soft to the touch, blends easily and is long lasting. If you are looking for a more dramatic blush this may not be for you or you may want to try a darker color. For a hint of color that is easy to apply when you are half asleep this stuff is great.
This is my everyday go-to lipstick. I love it! You have to apply as if you are putting on paint and let it dry. Then put on the topcoat that comes with it and you're set for the day. Sadly, I haven't found another shade in this line that I like though.
I wish this lipstick was longer wearing but I love this color. It does leave a nice tint even after it wears off some and it is longer wearing than a regular lipstick. Great for work or anyplace where you can occasionally reapply.  
This is by far my favorite mascara. It takes a bit of extra effort to put on the bottom coat and then the top coat but is worth it when you want a more dramatic lash. I always use two coats. It doesn't clump and is easy off. Due to the fact that it does take more time to apply I usually keep a tube of something else for workdays.
As I have mentioned I normally buy cosmetics at the CVS store which I pass everyday. However, I can never find a brown mascara or an eyebrow pencil in the right shade of brown. I buy these items online from Just for Redheads which is pretty awesome!
I have a few eyeshadows from Clinique which I plan to use up so I didn't even look at eyeshadows. I don't wear them very often. I like Clinique products, it just seems I never make it to the mall to purchase. Guess I could get them online now if I knew what I wanted. Maybe later. 
I have occasionally been using a two step exfoliation system that you do in the shower once a week like the Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System which is great if you keep up with it. I haven't but I should because I do love the feel of my skin afterwards. I buy it and run out and then I don't get around to buying it again for awhile. I plan to begin a routine using this product on a more regulated basis in the future but with just beginning to use the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives products I don't want to overdo it until I see how those products work with my skin. In the meantime I felt I needed something to bring off dry spots so I have been using St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub daily and I love it! You can also use it on your whole body so I got the tub rather than the tube. Use it before shaving and your legs will be much smoother.

As I've mentioned my 15th wedding anniversary is coming up so I want to look my best but also I want to get the mindset that I want to look pretty damn good every day of the week ♥  



  1. very nice indeed. i have sent an email to you just to say hello :-)

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure to hear from you. So far so good on all the makeup choices!


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