Concert Series - Matchbox Twenty

The big day arrived! After all these years I was finally going to see Matchbox Twenty. Their first album came out in 1996 but it was sometime in 1997 that I started listening to them. It was around the same time my hubby and I got together and we played their first album all the time. Mainly on the jukebox while doing the dating thing (and I still play what I can find). That was when you could listen to any song on any album that happened to be on the jukebox. One of my pet peeves now is that you can only play top songs by artists (but that's a bitch session for another time). My favorite song from that album is A Girl Like That which I can longer find on the jukebox (although our local bar just installed an iTunes jukebox which I have heard I can play anything from iTunes through my phone..yay, I'll be trying it out soon :o) I couldn't believe my ears when they played that song at the show. Joy! I have recorded a few of their concerts on tv and I have never heard them play it although I am sure they have. I'd rather think they played it just for me, though. I was thrilled! Most of the songs they play remind me so much of my husband. As if he were the one singing and writing them, yeah, as if! lol But they do. It sounds weird but true. Their music reminds me of our stormy but loving relationship and always has. Last fall when they came out with a new album I was hoping they would tour. It seemed destined that the show would be scheduled around our anniversary. Considering they only have a few albums they don't tour very often. The last time I remember they came around was 5 years ago around the time of my 50th birthday. With going to see Kid Rock with the girls the night before and a short road trip with my hubby to see Maroon 5 on my birthday it wasn't in the cards then but their show was definitely worth the wait. I want to go again please! Speaking of birthdays, Rob's is Valentine's Day, our anniversary, something I didn't know until the show. The world is a strange and mysterious place ♥      

Columbus, Ohio, February 16, 2013.

♥ Dress: Modcloth
♥ Tee, sweater tights, belt: Kohl's
♥ Boots: Anne Klein

It was 5 below zero with sleet that stung your face coming down and I saw all kinds of ladies wearing sleeveless, tank-like tops and flat ballet shoes without socks. I couldn't believe my eyes. That's nuts! I bought this dress for work awhile back but after one wear which you can see here I decided it was a bit too short for work but thought it would be nice to wear through the holidays.Well two Christmas seasons have gone by and I haven't worn it so it's just been hanging there waiting for the perfect occasion and it really was perfect for the concert!  


The trouble with going out of town to a show for one night is that you usually can't get into your hotel until 4:00 p.m. and after checking in, parking, packing your stuff to your room and relaxing a minute an hour has gone by. Then you have to get dressed, grab a bite to eat and/or hurry to the show which this go round started at 7:30. The band was playing at the Palace Theatre so we decided to eat at the hotel since food would probably be scarce due to the small venue (which was beautiful by the way). We stayed in the nearest hotel so we only had a short walk around the corner and even felt we were ahead of the game when we sat down to eat at 5:50 in the hotel restaurant. When the gal came to get our drink order she said it would be over an hour before we could be served any food, even an appetizer, and that was if we ordered that minute and there was no guarantee about getting it within an hour even at that point. We were one of only a few tables seated so after questioning we found out they only had two servers and two people working in the kitchen. It wasn't due to anything other than they did not have enough employees. Bad business but what are you gonna do? Nothing but complain a bit. No place nearby to grab a bite either. Oh's what was for dinner!


Last year's American Idol winner Phillip Phillips played first. I don't watch American Idol so I didn't know who he was but he was very good. The unprepared for the weather ladies in the restroom filled me in. He played guitar while another fellow sat on a drum and played the outside of it while he sat. He also had cybils on his shoes. Since Matchbox Twenty didn't start until 8:30 we could have had that appetizer after all. The venue only offered pop, beer, liquor and candy so still nothing to eat but we got to see an excellent performance and had another beer.

1. Parade
2. Bent
3. Disease
4. She's So Mean
5. How Far We've Come
6. 3 A.M.
7. Real World
8. Girl Like That
9. If You're Gone
10. Overjoyed
11. All Your Reasons
12. Long Day
13. I Will
14. Unwell
15. Radio/
Stay With Me (The Faces Cover)
16. So Sad So Lonely
17. English Town
18. The Way
19. Bright Lights
20. Sleeping at the Wheel
21. Our Song
22. Back 2 Good
23. Don't Change (INXS cover)
- a wife of a member of INXS was there
24. Push

The show was everything I thought it would be and more! The band was entertaining and the music was amazing! A very talented bunch of fellows!

After the show my hubby was starving so the minute he got me back to the room he went to scour the hallways for a vending machine. It occured to me I hadn't thought to have him take a picture of me in my new coat so I did so in the mirror. Not a very good pic but the only one I took. I love the coat (I got the last one during the Modcloth cabin fever sale) but I must not have been too worried about getting a picture since I only took one. I'm sorry to say the poor fellow came back empty handed so out we went to weather the cold again at midnight to find a scrap of food somewhere. The few cars that were out were sliding all over the place so it was kind of fun watching the idiots slide around. I wouldn't have thought it would be so hard to find some eggs in our state's capital on a Saturday night but I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a Waffle House in my life!   

This next picture was taken by Rob Thomas. He posts a picture of the audience of each show on their Facebook page. If you are a fan you should "like" them. We are on the left side a little more than half way back. I know you can see us! lol

The last song was Push which we've been singing to each other for 15 years now. I guess we keep getting back up. What a fun time we had ♥

                     Video: Matchbox Twenty - Push (Official)


  1. Thanks for sharing the concert pics - it always makes us feel young again, doesn't it? : > You look great, and thanks for sharing with Vis Monday, Darlene.

    1. Thanks Patti, I totally agree with you. I love to attend concerts. They are so fun. I like to people watch and it's fun to see what other people who like your music look like. I've seen some dudes I tell ya! lol
      Always nice to hear from you!

  2. Darlene! Best dress ever. I love the black ruffles so much, but it's the dress on you that works so well.
    I'm a Matchbox 20 fan, and love Train. Just getting hooked on Fun, as well.
    So glad you had fun!

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by and the nice compliment. I do love the dress! It's heavy fabric like a great winter dress but a bit too short for everyday. It would be perfect for summer if it were a bit lighter fabric.
      We had a great time! I also love Train but haven't gotten to see them yet. I've heard a couple songs by Fun that I like. I've been thinking of checking out more of their stuff. Will do now that I have a recommendation. Thanks!


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