Snow again

We've been living in a deep freeze here the past week with snow showers off and on. I love the snow! That's, of course, if I don't have to drive in it. Today was perfect with it starting as I was getting to work and stopping right before lunch. I've mostly been concerned about keeping warm here lately and I want to tell you that the Pottery Barn bedset I invested in is the best thing I have bought since I can remember. I have not gotten even the least bit chilly under it. I normally have a comforter and a couple quilts over me since we set our thermostat at 68 or leave the EdenPure heater set at about midways. It's chilly in the mornings but then again that's how it should be in the wintertime. We used to see who could get closest to the fireplace or fuel oil stove as a kid first thing on a frosty morning. That's what you called cold when everything fizzled out at night and the house was actually froze in the mornings :o) You can see a picture of my bedset with a link here. Love it!


As far as warm clothing, I always wear tights or thin leggings under jeans with my Ugg boots when it's really cold. I usually go with three layers on top. I did pick myself up a pair of skinny jeans I was going to wear with my new Ugg's today but the snow came. I did pick out a lovely embroidered top I got for practically nothing on ebay. If you don't shop on ebay for used clothing you should. Avoid electronics though, I haven't had luck with those. I paired the top with a long, thick sweater and I am warm as a bug in a rug today. But then again I have the furnace cranked too ♥  


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