Frozen creek and I've got the dry skin blues

It's the first time I've seen the creek frozen since we moved in. You know it's cold when moving water is freezing! My granddaughter thought dancing on the ice was all fun and games until she ended up face down with a leg in the creek :o) I was taking pictures and I heard a big splatt and a loud giggle. When I turned around, there she lay. Since nothing was hurt we got a big laugh out of it. Fadra didn't know what to make of all the sudden excitement but I think she was just happy she didn't end up along side of Ashley in the creek. They both had a ball sliding around on the ice!

Needless to say with all this below zero weather my skin is so dry it's time to put a little skin therapy into action. I must admit I am notorious for not washing my face properly or putting on body lotion in the wintertime. I do it occasionally (just enough to get by or for a night out) but nothing like everyday. I think it's because I have a tendency to get cold. I want to get my clothes or jammies on as soon as possible and I don't want my face cold before bed. Or I'm just lazy!Whether it be the latter or not I just know I have a tendency to not do it like I should when it's cold. Then I wake up one morning flaking all over. In an effort to take better care of my self rather than my stuff this year I've been planning to start doing a better job, cold or not so I've been doing some online research for reverse and anti-aging facial products along with body and hand lotions. In order to fit my lifestyle I have found I need to be able to buy it at the drugstore. I run out before I order stuff online and I only go to the mall once in a while. I purchased some St. Ives Apricot Scrub over the weekend to start with. I have started using it on my face in my morning shower and I am loving it so far. No more dry specks and I haven't broken out. So far so good on that one. I have been out of night facial cream for awhile and I am down to my last bit of daytime moisturizer so I've decided to change it up a bit and try something new and add some more products. Establishing a routine I think will be essential so I have to work on that. For my needs and after reading reviews and doing research for products in my price range I am going to try the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives line for my new facial product. I am happy with the Bath and Bodyworks line for everyday body lotions and when you need some healing lotions you can't beat the Jergens line. Both lines have received excellent reviews and I have them already so I just have to use them. I also recommend the Jergens Natural Glow products if you want a little color that is gradual and looks natural. Oh, and one more thing, the best lip balm by far is Burts Bees. I do manage to put some of it on every night before bed. I guess that's one thing in my favor. I have one in my nightstand and one in my purse at all times. Well I'm off to the drug store! Wish me luck on establishing that routine :o) I might even try exercising this year! I'll keep you posted ♥ 

                     Video: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Cold Shot (Official) 

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