A couple of landscape pictures and Fadra too

I had planned to wear something totally worth photographing with my new camera today until I couldn't go to sleep last night. For some reason my eyes were still wide open at 2 in the morning. Don't you hate that? It's like one minute I am thinking of what I watched last on TV (season premiere of Justified) and how good the bed feels and thinking I'll be asleep in no time and the next I am thinking about how I am going to redecorate my living room a year from now, what all I need to do at work tomorrow, how much I really loved the movie Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, to how would I honestly look if I go all natural with my hair...grey, white and whatever, to just how good a big drink of Coke would be. Yeah, caffeine was just what I didn't need but had to have. Yikes! I never heard my clock chime at 3 so I must have fallen asleep sometime before then after getting up twice and managing to roll the comforter into a big ball keeping Fadra from getting comfortable. She kept traveling from the pillow above my head to the foot of the bed. However, all the while my hubby slept without a care. A couple of times I felt like squeezing his nose shut during a bout of snoring. I mean why should he sleep if we can't. I knew it was just the fact that I couldn't sleep taking over so I refrained :o) Regardless of when my eyes close at night, Monday through Friday my alarm clock rings at 6:20 a.m. I wanted to throw it out the window this morning. That's for sure!

I decided in an effort to move the blog along I would post a couple of pictures I've taken lately that I really like. That outfit I was planning to rock will just have to wait ♥ 

And I couldn't resist throwing in a couple pictures of my baby!


  1. Beautiful pictures Darlene <3 Your dog is unbelievably cute :)

    1. Hi Maria, nice to hear from you. She is adorably cute but is spoiled rotten. She's my sweet baby :o)


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